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Happy New Year - Statto - 1st January 2019


RE: Happy New Year - Muttley - 1st January 2019

Happy 2019 all.
And thanks for the continued web company in 2018 everyone, LAN or otherwise. Really does make us all feel better to have partisan acquaintances - well, that was why pubs were invented after all.
No predictions here, just a year of work. Life is too unpredictable anyways. I do succinctly aim however to be returning to Bridewell Organic Gardens to work voluntarily with friends in the Spring/Summer/etc.
Enjoyed seeing in the New Year with my closest friends. Gramps is still here, good to see. He'll be 92 this year. I'll be 31. He has 2 full lifetimes on me. I can only imagine, even with memory loss, memories.
Watched Madness live on TV NYE, and remembered how happily formula based their music is. "It Must Be Love" and "House Of Fun" are just plain decent pop tunes. Nice to see the Egyptian clown hats too.
Gave myself a migraine / big headache that has finally worn off around 10am next morning after stopping alcohol 12 hours before. Too much cider. Teef Smile Hog Father and Old Rosie varieties mainly.
First Squatchlax meal of the day was Baked Beans and Vindaloo flavoured Super Noodles. Nice and warm, as a traditional Vindaloo is. Recommended. Smile For lunch I'll likely have a brunch, or a frozen fancy.
I'll tell you what's a really spicy and hot curry, and that's the Bhutuwa. Hotter than Phall. Vindaloo is as far a kick as I need to go. I know the dish well. I of course like it with potatoes, just didn't have some.

RE: Happy New Year - firefinga - 3rd January 2019


RE: Happy New Year - esb - 3rd January 2019

Happy 2019 Subverts!

RE: Happy New Year - Statto - 3rd January 2019


RE: Happy New Year - DJ ML - 4th January 2019


HNY all

RE: Happy New Year - Metric - 8th January 2019

Happy new year all,

Did you hear that there will soon be a SL1200 MK7, with reverse playback?

RE: Happy New Year - widzhit - 8th January 2019


RE: Happy New Year - DJ ML - 8th January 2019

(8th January 2019, 11:46)Metric Wrote: Did you heard that there will soon be a SL1200 MK7, with reverse playback?

yes, a first update in a decade

RE: Happy New Year - +ToRMeNT+ - 10th January 2019

how are tings so far?

2019.. let's do this. Smile