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Yo subverts! - Muttley - 7th March 2019

Yo subverts!

New music...always a pleasure. Got me doing stuff early this morning, say 8am, after the Dawnshed. 
Got a couple of proper tracks for you, and a sample me intro. Dissonant music as usual, Bvdub meets Mike Weis. 
The release is called "Rambler's Requiem EP". Like a rambler, out in the country moors, it's free. 
Much of these ideas build towards a second album this year, after the very timely "Built For Us". 
See what you think. I'd appreciate some feedback, if you could kindly spare it. Statto could like this. 

All the best!

RE: Yo subverts! - Muttley - 7th March 2019

Yo so, yo so, here o is o thee first thirst for acoustic guitar fretwork, a "sample me 070319"

Boh so!

Well, some fecker's gotta cheer him up.

RE: Yo subverts! - Muttley - 7th March 2019

Gotta splurge and blarggggee all over der page, eh eh Kermit McBollockson, from Muppet Central.
"Gonzo lives..."

RE: Yo subverts! - Muttley - 7th March 2019

Andee Pipkindee, finerrly, wee spray our emotive cortex up zee vall like a Banksy mural, and call it art:

"Banksy Mural"

Thee longest, 13:10 minutes ander secondun.
Send for the fish slap. Magikarp, Enter The Dragon on the double!

RE: Yo subverts! - Statto - 7th March 2019

maybe later – busy listening to Leon Mar tracks at the moment Wave

RE: Yo subverts! - Muttley - 7th March 2019


RE: Yo subverts! - Muttley - 10th March 2019

Weĺl hello monseiur Tumbleweed, where have you been

RE: Yo subverts! - Statto - 10th March 2019

he practically lives here now