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OUT NOW: PERON - SOLAR JAZZ EP (OmniEP197) - Euphony - 15th March 2020

Peron makes a welcome return to Omni Music, to follow on from his excellent debut LP 'Days to Remember' from 2014. This time he takes the listener into even deeper territory, combining musical bliss with crisp breaks to beautiful effect. Both thoughtful and original, this EP mixes the styles up from Jazz-fusion to space-fusion, all complimented with lush atmospheres. Peron has been a name Omni Music have been watching closely and this EP shows exactly why.

[Image: a3264247780_10.jpg]

Available now at:

And all other good online stores  Xyxthumbs

RE: OUT NOW: PERON - SOLAR JAZZ EP (OmniEP197) - Muttley - 15th March 2020

More people should listen to this on Spotify at least. Quality tracks. I'm really amazed at the polyrhythmic technicality of this very "techmospheric" sound. Very Covert Operations early label entries vibe. Like a cross between Mav and Alaska (Paradox). Breaks are well processed. The waveforms (audio) sound audiophile. It has a good, richly textured pattern that heals the cochleas (eardrums).

RE: OUT NOW: PERON - SOLAR JAZZ EP (OmniEP197) - Muttley - 15th March 2020

Just reading about "Days To Remember" again....Snorlax me was asleep when that came out. I'll let you know when I can check out. Kisskiss

As usual, I don't need to purchase (Bandcamp free stream), but I'd like to support. 

I am tired right now, but Peron perked up my mind's alertness. Made me feel good. Not happy but good. Happiness is shallow, which is why it's constantly renewable energy. In that sense feeling happy is a lie - there only ever was truly ecstacy and entropy. See Polar's track title "Bipolar Suns". It means the sun (an object of unparalleled density) moves around an axis (the subject of unparalleled success), the Earth, in relation to the Solar System radiation levels (compact solenoid battery theorem, or M-Theory). 

Yes this is hypocritical and complex stuff, to some people just Babelfish pseudoscience, but I'm mentioning it here to make the repeated case that neutrality in music, sound, henceforth anything, doesn't matter or, furthermore, exist. 

And with that stated, that's why I like cooking and eating to sounds like these. Teef

RE: OUT NOW: PERON - SOLAR JAZZ EP (OmniEP197) - Muttley - 15th March 2020

"Come This Way" by the artist is decently deep. Where liquid funk could go if it had an interesting Omni Trio edge. Listening to "Days Remember LP" on Bandcamp currently and it's Falcon
Both collections are similarly deep I think.
Just what I needed this Sunday.