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Little Richard R.I.P - +ToRMeNT+ - 9th May 2020

RE: Little Richard R.I.P - Muttley - 10th May 2020

I am sorry to hear of this news. Little Richard that I knew was a jazz blues pioneer from the New Orleans swingin' 60s era. Centrifugal to the 1950s, his take on blues was a refreshing alternative to the Fats Domino pastiche boogie bop that preceded him in the 1930s. Of all the New Orleans touring jazz and blues lynchpins back then, Little Richard was one of my favourite artists. I preferred his black tuff luvin style to the bland specialising of Slim Whitman, the cheese bordering Louis Armstrong, and the hugely popularised Nina Simone, amongst others. Ultimately because the little man had jazz brushwork, cabaret style and avoided the burlesque slush of a lot of wigger white conservative music at the time.