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ATTN Muttley - Statto - 29th June 2020


RE: ATTN Muttley - Muttley - 29th June 2020


She is coming right for your Crisp Sandwiches Statto.

RE: ATTN Muttley - Statto - 29th June 2020


RE: ATTN Muttley - Muttley - 29th June 2020

Really though, the Solifugae strand are various sized Arachnids. Camel Spider, Wind Scorpion, Sun Spiders. Not venomous to humans at all.

RE: ATTN Muttley - Muttley - 14th July 2020

Speaking of Arachnids, the cover picture of Neptunian Maximalism's Bandcamp page is great. Torment, this album is the shit. SO good.

RE: ATTN Muttley - +ToRMeNT+ - 15th July 2020

^^   Yes

RE: ATTN Muttley - Muttley - 16th July 2020

Yes, Torment, Neptunian Maximalism are the bomb aren't they.
Such class musicianship, a real visceral experience with jazz chops aplenty.

Something much less visceral is something mild I cooked up yesterday; a composed jazz piano piece from a quarter sections, a half ideas, and finish.

"Piecemeal" costs 1 pound. Yes, 1 pound to add to your collection for this quality track, if I can say so myself.

According to the mod panel (which I have access to) I have been banned? Occasionally it says "I'm sorry, you have been banned. Please xyz"

What's up with everything, Statto? If it's because I used the nigger word in a description when said by a black person, that is a mistake...

RE: ATTN Muttley - Muttley - 17th July 2020

Aaanyway...I would like to recommend David Taggs Geo podcast suite on here. It's at Bandcamp. Really good stuff, starts off droney but then drifts away from there, into distorted phase guitars and white noise.