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This is Hexagon Sun: A Video on Boards of Canada [Documentary] - +ToRMeNT+ - 29th September 2020

I seem to have inadvertently made an almost feature length video on the Scottish Electronic band "Boards of Canada". There are very few things I am passionate about to the level that I am about this musical duo. I've always wanted to make a long video outlining their discography and style, and now I've done it. The amount of time I've spent checking every word and cut in this thing is now beyond my comprehension, so if any mistakes remain I can only say I apologize. Factual inaccuracies are also something I've relentlessly checked and monitored, I can honestly say if any remain I had zero idea they weren't accurate. I'm not in any way a professional in any field related to the making of this video, it was mainly an experiment for myself, to see if I could do it, and I feel proud of it at this point.

This video was started in 2017 and initially finished and rendered around November/December 2019, so anything new from Boards of Canada after that point, isn't accounted for in this video. It took me a while to actually decide to upload it. That should explain why some "as of" phrases are out of date or inconsistent.

This video features no audio that isn't in some way related to Boards of Canada; no voice over, no adverts. It is not monetized in any way and I will not make any money at all from this video, nor do I intend to. Everything related to Boards of Canada is owned by Warp Records, Skam Music, or Music70.

The Following timestamps aren't necessarily epileptic triggers, but they do feature colors and patterns moving around quite at varying speeds, check if you are concerned:

00:12:14 (fast forwarded footage)
00:23:12 (kaleidoscopic footage)
00:32:35 (glitchy VHS footage)
00:47:34 and 00:48:20 (cuts from black to white once)
00:54:50 (more kaleidoscopic footage)
00:57:56 (close up footage of a screen)
1:00:45 (more glitchy VHS footage)
1:14:30 (just quick moving images)

All the music I used is in the credits, in order of appearance. I may upload a full "soundtrack" video at a later date and attach it here unlisted.

Thanks to George the Hawkshaw for his documentary on Boards of Canada, since it is solely what inspired me to make mine, he did it first, so he should get credit for the idea. Visit his channel here:

I think that's it. Thanks for watching, and thanks to Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin.

you can follow me on twitter here:
my website:

RE: This is Hexagon Sun: A Video on Boards of Canada [Documentary] - Muttley - 29th September 2020

Looks good