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    Dubmonger - Experiments In Dub EP - Out Now

    Dubmonger is a new project travelling deeper into the realms of dub and mixing desk experiments.

    The debut EP "Experiments In Dub" is out now and available exclusively at

    "The Dubmonger emerges from many late nights in the studio to unveil his Experiments in Dub EP, a journey of exploration that injects his signature sound into the traditional dub formula, expanding the genre into fresh tempos and territories while staying true to the craft. Those who appreciate the little things will be treated to some of the Dubmonger's most meticulous live dubbing, arranging, and editing to date. Each track can be deconstructed layer by layer to the microscopic level and every listen will yield fresh new discoveries. The soundscapes that have been crafted are brimming with life beneath the surface and those willing to take the plunge and explore it will be rewarded with a truly refreshing listening experience!" Words by Brian @ Translation Recordings.

    For more details on the EP check this post on the Dubmonger homepage.

    Or check out some audio clips here:


    Poolbeg St. Dub

    Medicine Dub Part 1

    Medicine Dub Part 2

    Snail Dub

    Dubmonger Homepage
    Dubmonger on Facebook
    Dubmonger on Soundcloud

    Artwork, and website design by
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    I dubbed the sheriff

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