SC Podcast 007

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welcome to another episode of the subvert central podcast.

this is the 7th show in the series and is brought to you by strike and bobule, the original two member of d&b duo latent notion.

but this show is far from just a showcase for all the forthcoming material from latent notion. instead its filled with an eclectic mix of favourite music that has influenced these guys over the years.

check out this tracklisting....

1. autolux - robots in the garden
2. mike keneally - im glad there's a lemon flavoured thorax in you
3. death from above 1979 - go home, get down
4. boards of canada - i saw drones
5. mike keneally band - physics
6. eatstatic - the crackle (live)
7. frank zappa - royal march from "i'histoire du soldat" (live)
8. squarepusher - tetra-sync (live)
9. frank zappa - rdnzl (live keyboard solo's)
10. autolux - sugarless
11. steve vai - alien water kiss
12. moog cookbook - black hole sun
13. radiohead - like spinning plates (live)
14. mike keneally - and thats why its called spunk
15. exile - unknown
16. nine inch nails - please
17. white noise - the black mass (intro)
18. faith no more - rv
19. frank zappa - this is phase iii
20. frank zappa - amnerika
21. white noise - love without sound
22. pink floyd - one of my turns
23. latent notion - unison
24. boards of canada - happy cycling
25. flanger - short note with a few
26. latent notion - second best

this has got to be one of my most enjoyed shows so far; i hope you all enjoy it too.

look out for the next episode brought to you by one of my favourite dj's, wilsh.




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Doh.. I was meant to tag this surely... does it need to be done Scope?

Half asleep these days...

droid Wrote:Doh.. I was meant to tag this surely... does it need to be done Scope?

Half asleep these days...

please bro Smile

looks good. on the download. Smile

this is by far teh best podcast i listen to please keep it up!

downloading Cool

listening now, awesome so far.
btw that exile track is called sliime, off pro agonist in case anyone else was wondering Xyxthumbs

finished, really enjoyed the whole set. lots of new stuff for my ears and a well crafted sequence of tunes sparking some excitement and interest at every turn.
thankyou Smile

cant wait to check this Smile lots of new stuff to be heard

going straight to the mp3 player Xyxthumbs

the autolux tunes are Falcon must grab the album

fucking hell this is great

just discovered these podcasts - this is gonna make my journeys to work in the morning about 400 times better Smile

Ok - done now. Everyone please re-download! Teef


So, do I take it that the final tune by Latent Notion ain't out yet? Cause if it is (or even if it's not) I want it.
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it will be coming out on our album some time in the future Smile

glad you like it