SC Podcast 009

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right then, episode 9 already. time is flying by this year.

bit of a re-schedule this one. logos has stepped up to the plate to fill a gap in the schedule and provided the 9th show in the series.

titled 'minimalism and more', this show reflects some of logos musical pre-occupations. the second half seeks to provoke connections and traces between various forms of music in the 80s and 90s.

the show was built by logos in cubase sx2. he didn't touch his decks in the process and is happy to say so!


william basinski - disintegration loops 2.1 (edit)
arvo part - arbos
steve reich - different trains (europe after the war)
the art of noise - close (to the edit)
derrick may - beyond the dance (cult mix)
agf - tryagainsweetaaliyah
aaliyah - are you that somebody?
tronik house - straight outta hell
goldie - inner city life (4 hero mix)
william basinski - disintegration loops 1.1 (edit)

another eclectic mix that once again takes me back to times in my youth and at the same time educates me with some gems i've never heard before...

thanks to logos for providing the show at very short notice. the next episode will be brought to you by dsp; look out for it in a couple of weeks time...




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Horray for Logos!

big up logos

no dubstep tho Icon_eek Icon_eek

dee bee one Wrote:no dubstep tho Icon_eek Icon_eek

Not this time... Smile What can I say that Youngsta or Mala can't?

Thanks for the appreciation guys.

tracklisting looks cool, i'll definitely tune into this Xyxthumbs

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still not checked 8 yet Icon_cry

this looks lovely i'll download right now Cool

Good stuff! Digging that ghostly aaliyah thing, and the basinski, and the rest!

disintegration loop 1 is insane
it goes on and on and on exactly the same for over an hour


except it isn't exactly the same


You like it then Statto? Icon_yippee Grin

Do you know the story? Its the tape from his original 20 year old loop physically decaying on the reel after he got it out of storage, and he captured the results. The passage of time has become an essential sound source to the piece.

You should look out for volumes 2-4 too. Not that easy to get but not impossible either.

The Disintegration Loops have baffled me for ages.

Think I 'like' it better than his other stuff, as far as you can really make any qualitative judgement about his music at all.

This looks to be really good Logos Smile

Incidentally, I was at a concert tonight as part of a big festival in Leeds, which featured an organ piece by Arvo Part Smile It was a sort of history of organ music, including an improvised piece by Fennesz, with the enormous organ of leeds town hall hooked into his laptop, and another electronics maestro hooked into a chamber organ. Really cool experience!

They're broadcasting it live on the night of 19th May on Mixing It, radio three, you should have a listen.

ps: seems to be down for the moment?

think boomkat have just restocked on a lot of the basinski cds ...

dee bee one Wrote:think boomkat have just restocked on a lot of the basinski cds ...


just downloaded this, looks to be really interesting, look forward to listeneing Xyxthumbs