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your favourite tech-step tunes


A fine collab of Switzerland's Christoph Fringeli with Vienna's DJ Pure

Music critic for the Tally Ho

answer this for i please, because i do not know, and discogs is not my cuppa.

technical itch - focused

when and where was this track released?

it's feckin' awesome. lurchy, dirty, oily, steely, mechanical, cogs turning, distorted, can smash boulders, can drill deep in life's memory bank.

technical itch - diagnostic lp track of choice - "focused" (moving shadow label, 1997)

this came on after, and it is heavy like a mountain

all tech itch dubs


Techstep as it should be.... a simple, but effective melody-hook, slow-heavy-a bit distorted drums, some reverb .... Homerdrool
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^^ nice, Technical Itch "Focused" was a nice track, haven't heard it a long time, still have the "Diagnostics" cd somewhere. Good call Muttster.

Dom & Roland "Aliens"... that's pretty fab. Love the spliced distorted amens.

I still have the Shadow100 12" with the Andy C & Ant Miles / Desired State "Distorted Dreams" remix, but I never owned the original version. Nice banger for sure.

"Drones" is good too, never owned the wax.





Mampi Swift has specific interpretations as well from back when. 


I've liked most of Centaspike's stuff that I've heard for more recent sounds over the years.

The Centaspike, Indidjinous 2015 "Primordial Resistance" lp on Tech Itch Recs is a great listen.

Track list:

1.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Vitriolic (Original Mix)
2.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Give It to Us (Original Mix)
3.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - LV 42666 (Original Mix)
4.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Lunartic (Original Mix)
5.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Minionz (Original Mix)
6.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Feel Some Pain (Original Mix)
7.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Dismantled Planet (Original Mix)
8.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Enlisted (Original Mix)
9.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Subcurrents (Original Mix)
10.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Sparks of Burning Light (Original Mix)

From the quite underrated compilation on Penny black (see discogs link)

Decoy "Heavy Metal" Falcon
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^   yes. that's some noisy funk.  Smile

random Omega bits.  


I was/am a big fan of Dave Akuma from way back when.. I used to check dude's early soundclick page if I remember correctly (remember the original soundclick site?? lol)

for vibe & production over all. DARK ... clips & links from the forum too, remember that?? damn... i haven't thought of that in decades. ha.

for real, Akuma had it right.


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