SC Podcast 034

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SC Podcast 034

This time we have Lephrenic!


Qua – “Devil Eyes”
Pivot – “Artificial Horizon”
DJ Soup – “Say Love”
Coda – “Cabin Fever”
Jake Savona – “Mystic Country”
Good Buddha – “Harry Told Me”
Trout Fishing In Quebec – “Fat’s Chance”
Curse Ov Dialect – “If I Die”
Touch Typist – “A Laughing Mouth”
Don Meers – “I Don’t Know”
Ben Frost – “Age 13… With A Screwdriver”
Triosk – “Lost Broadcast”
Gauche – “Classrooms”

Lephrenic says:

“This is a selection of tunes from some lesser known Australian bands and producers. Some old, some new, some no longer playing and some rising stars. I’d be interested to know which of these you’ve heard before. Hope you dig. ”

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will give this a whirl as soon as i'm home! Grin

Cheers, guys. As I say, I'd love to know which of these you may have heard before.

Most of these are from Sydney, aside from a few Melbourne acts. It's a funny thing - Melbourne has the reputation for live music, as it has so many great venues. But while Sydney lost so many venues to poker machines, they still (IMO) always had the most interesting music. Lots of bands with more eclectic combinations - marimbas, violins, synths, drums and whatever else sounded good together. Whereas there's lots of really strong music scenes in Melbourne but not always the same level of cross pollination. I guess when times are tough, you've gotta stand together.

nabbing now cant wait to have a listen Smile

Very different this.

Big up yerself Lephrenic, downloading now Smile

Lephrenic Wrote:Cheers, guys. As I say, I'd love to know which of these you may have heard before.

I don't think I know any of them Smile

sir loris of crowthorne Wrote:very different this.

big up yerself lephrenic, downloading now Smile

thats exactly why i started these podcasts....perfect feedback Xyxthumbs

sweet show btw Smile

cool show Wink next podcast is standing in queue already!

Cheers again.

With the exception of Triosk, most of these bands are still operating as far as I know, though some are less active than others. Ben Frost has been living in Iceland working with the likes of... well, you can guess. Pivot are set to explode, having just become the first Australian act signed to Warp. And if there's any fairness in the world, Qua ought to be the second.

Xyxthumbs top notch!

and beside triosk, that did a collaboration with jan jelinek, i didn't know any of them!

cheers man!

koe Wrote:next podcast is standing in queue already!


i'm still caning dentoe's JEDIcrying

i'll be on this though! will pass to megatron, who has a liking for aussie things (an aussie lady, mainly) Xyxthumbs
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Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

Good taste.


Macc Wrote:I'm still caning dentoe's JEDIcrying

Hugs why the crying big boy?