SC Podcast 45

Here´s Muttley´s 2nd part on Subvert Central Podcast with an Ambient Mix.


01. Svarte Greiner – The Black Dress (from the album “Knive” – Type)
02. Brian Mcbride – Silent Motels (from the album “When The Detail Lost Its Freedom” – Kranky)
03. Renderizors – Stranger At Your Party (Band version) (from the album “Submarine” – Last Visible Dog)
04. Jasper Leyland – Taken (from the album “Carbon Series Volume 5” -12X50)
05. Marcus Schmickler – Cue (from the album “Param” – A-Musik)
06. The Drift – Nozomi (from the album “Ceiling Sky” – Temporary Residence)
07. Robert Haigh – Lost On A Train (from the album “Notes And Crossings” – Siren)
08. Burial – Night Bus (from the album “Burial” – Hyperdub)
09. Dario Antonelli – ZX-21 Part 1 (from the album “Zaum Vol.1” – Psychonavigation Records)
10. Eluvium – I Am So Much More Me That I Am Perfectly You (from the album “Lambent Material” – Temporary Residence)
11. Stars Of The Lid – Requiem For Dying Mothers Pt.2 (from the album “The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid” – Kranky)
12. Burial – UK (from the album “Untrue” – Hyperdub)

“Lost In Thought”: dedicated to my mother, whom I have left home from, to build ledges of ascension, with my old place of residence.

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I'll begin a relay of release posts for this shortly. Wink

For more information on the tracks and artists in "Lost In Thought", see my relay of posts below:

Svarte Greiner - Knive

[Image: 333.jpg]

boomkat Wrote:Bringing to mind a tarnished copper-rub, the likes of 'My Feet Over There', 'An Ordinary Hike' and 'The Black Dress' all inhabit a musical sphere where shadows are encouraged and light is shunned to piquant effect. Elsewhere, the stunning finale of 'Final Sleep' is heaving with operatics that scar the conscious through cavernous organs straight from Badalamenti's secret chest, 'The Dining Table' lays on a spread of syrupy percussion, whilst 'Ullsokk' allows haunting vocals to chide at the skittering rhythms beneath.

Purchase: Mp3 release

Svarte Greiner: MySpace

Type Records: website

Brian Mcbride - When The Detail Lost Its Freedom

[Image: 333.jpg]

boomkat Wrote:As half of the incredible Stars of the Lid, Brian McBride has been responsible for some of the most gorgeously textured drift music ever committed to record. Emerging blinking from an aural cloud, 'When The Detail Lost Its Freedom' is McBride's astonishing solo diktat, wherein he is joined by a veritable army of musicians to realise the very essence of human emotion. Opening with the awe-inspiring 'Overture (for Other Half's)', McBride drafts in The Inland Empire Symphony Quartet to drape wave after wave of delectable strings atop an almost Eno-flecked drone backing. Etched with a swelling pathos, McBride manages to be both hopelessly grand, yet perfectly human - bringing the two ends of the spectrum together in a union of utter aural bliss. Seemingly unable to do any wrong, the likes of 'I Will', 'For Those Who Hesitate' and 'The Guilt of Uncomplicated Thoughts' glisten with analogue washes, treated strings and untethered vocals - hazily drifitng towards a shrouded conclusion that is never made explicit, despite the revealing song titles. The very essence of wraithlike compositions, 'When The Detail Lost Its Freedom' is one of Kranky's most amblicated emissions in recent times - an honour which isn't bestowed lightly.

Purchase: Mp3 release

Brian Mcbride: MySpace

Kranky: MySpace

Renderizors - Submarine

[Image: 333.jpg]

boomkat Wrote:This album plays host to the combined talents of two of New Zealand's lesser known underground bands: skewed 'pop' group Renderers and drone exponents Sandoz Lab Technicians. The results are eerily beautiful, drawing on archaic electronic composition and the grim hum of oscillators whilst also permitting some rather beautiful song-like creations to emanate from the Renderers camp, perhaps most notably the haunting 'Weirder', a piece comparable to the Velvet Underground or perhaps Mazzy Star, angular ballad 'Stranger At Your Party' and the extremely creepy opener 'Under The Wheels', the latter of which sounds like a cross between an orchestra tuning up and whalesong. Last Visible Dog seldom disappoint, but this is one of those occasions where they've found something rather special.

Purchase: Mp3 release

Renderizors: MySpace

Last Visible Dog: website

Jasper Leyland - Carbon Series Volume 5

[Image: 333.jpg]

boomkat Wrote:Carefully constructed out of a plethora of worn instruments (zither, accordion, chimes, melodica, and acoustic and electric guitars) together with some spine tingling field recordings, Jasper Leyland (aka Jonathan Brewster) has landed 2008's first utterly indispensable home listening album. Self restrained and masterful in equal measure, this 45 minute album manages to bring to mind Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi, Alva Noto, Mountains and Tape, evoking a fuzzy warmth without ever seeming overly familiar or aspirational. Its so hard to get this kind of music right, but Leyland manages to stick to a sparse palette without ever sounding barren, and conveys a glowing sonic tapestry without ever using any clichéd "ambient" devices. Opening with a momentary flash of white noise, the album unfolds with solo guitar and delicate processing, taking its time to seduce you into its velveteen inner environs. Track 3 layers guitar and chimes in a reverberating loop of utter loveliness, possessing the kind of widescreen qualities you wouldn't expect from such a stripped setup. The album closes with a stretched hum of instruments, a blissful requiem that is both inviting and isolated, painting a monochrome still life that echoes hope, self reflection and a quiet joyfulness. Incredibly lovely stuff - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE.

Purchase: Mp3 release

Jasper Leyland: MySpace

12x50: discography

Muttley Wrote:I'll begin a relay of release posts for this shortly. Wink

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Finally got round to checking this earlier on, as I walked half the way to work.
Lovely stuff Grin
Particularly effective as I walked in the dark in the rain, and loved every minute of it Cool

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Muttley Wrote:I'll begin a relay of release posts for this shortly. Wink

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Euphony Wrote:Finally got round to checking this earlier on, as I walked half the way to work.
Lovely stuff Grin

Nice one Icon_yippee

Euphony Wrote:Particularly effective as I walked in the dark in the rain, and loved every minute of it Cool

I'm working on another podcast which will be part of my "Back To Mine" series. I'll let you know when it's posted. Xyxthumbs

Marcus Schmickler - Param

Brian Olewnick Wrote:"22 Gliders-Rule," for electronically augmented string quartet, has the sweep, power, and intelligence of first-rate Xenakis while "Cue," for winds, percussion, and electronics, has a lovely, delicate touch, producing a pastoral landscape overlaid by subtle washes of static. Param can be greatly enjoyed by fans of both electronic improv and avant-garde classical music and can hold its own with the best of either.

Purchase: Mp3 release

Read: full review

Marcus Schmickler: MySpace

The Drift - Ceiling Sky

[Image: thedrift-ceilingsky.jpg]

boomkat Wrote:Also lifted from a limited 12" are opening couplet 'Streets' and 'Nozumi', both of which successfully manage to integrate a number of different genres into a single, coherent musical hybrid. The Drift are able to throw together jazz phrasing, electronic elements and post-rock style narratives with a similar level of fluency to a group like Dictaphone: 'The Streets' is like an interactive electroacoustic jam in which a swingtime, propulsive groove fastens itself onto field recordings of traffic and city sounds whilst 'Nozumi' is structured around a simple, elegiac guitar riff, only to incrementally open up into something that sounds a little like Jaga Jazzist in one of their more downbeat moments.

Purchase: CD

Download "Ceiling Sky" on eMusic

The Drift: MySpace

Robert Haigh - Notes And Crossings

[Image: HAIGHROBERT-notes300.jpg]

discogs Wrote:The track 13 "Tomorrow Never Came" is unreleased (but re-recorded) from 1989.

Limited to 500 copies. Packaged in hand-made miniature jacket sleeve. Each one features a reproduction of a painting by Robert Haigh himself.

Siren Records Wrote:"Notes and Crossings" is the album that Robert has jokingly referred to as the follow up to 'A Waltz in Plain C'. "Notes and Crossings" is an album of pure piano music (with some treatments) - there is no use of percussion and electronic sequencing etc. The album is comprised of 14 pieces of written and improvised piano music, including an unreleased (but re-recorded) track from 1989 : 'Tomorrow Never Came'. Robert says : "Piano is my real love and I am excited to have the challenge to work within the (limitless) limitations and expressions of this medium" This is what long-time SEMA listeners expect from Robert Haigh, and will appeal to those who love works by Erik Satie, Claude Debussy and Harold Budd. In an edition 500 copies with hand-made miniature jacket sleeve designed by Faraway Press. Siren Records is very proud to release this long awaited beautiful new album by Robert Haigh."

Purchase: CD


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