For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

Demen - Nektyr (Kranky) - FR 189 - Mick Buckingham -

Two suggested prefixes there, wholly different, wholly juxtaposed - demons, and nectar. Demons haunt our psyche; nectar gives
mother nature's flowers their life. Is there any correlation to the sounds on this album by Demen on Kranky? Certainly. The
music is typically life-affirming for the label, and is a resolute cleanser to Springtime heartache. Maybe you're going through
a bereavement; maybe you just lose your marbles every now and then. Whichever intensity you have, this is mindful music with a
sweetheart's touch to its pedigree. It takes my mind away to places I know I would actually like to be - the opposite of fomo -
the fear of missing out acronym, is just nothingness, and revelling in it. Gone are the cheesy discos of yesteryear, in comes
a patchouli quality to the new age of sentimental solipsism.
Drones and instruments often play to this core in ambient and drone Muzak. Opening this record is "Niorum" with a voice that
sounds part Marie Brennan (of 70s folksters Clannad) and part abstract recent singer Sia. The beats throughout continue as a
relentlessly echoe-y force that paints huge delay trails over the landscape, a sandworm burrowing in and out of a sci-fi video
game. There's not much to decipher lyrically; to be honest I don't want to - these sound like ancient sentiments, ancient chants.
And this gives a wonderful sense of serenity coming to fruition.
Most of the musical modes and tropes are fixed in minor keys, making heavy use of aeolian and cloudy dorian sensibilities. A
particularly cathartic quality is reaped from the Slowdive-esque drumming furore that enters on second track "Morgon", replete
with pulsular vocals that sound like they're lifted from a heavenly larynx. Another comparison here is the "Dreams" track, well
known to everyone, by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac; the same type of thing applies here: "thunder only happens when it's
raining". Here it's raining percussion and angelic electric guitar, drenched in reverberation.
Wholly unpredictable only two tracks deep, and deep this mother is, I'm thoroughly immersed in it. "Korridorer" speaks to the
erratic pathways of the guitarist's mind with hissing static, a Twin Peaks style coffee table meander into unknown territories.
Unknown territories is the cadence risk to size. The two tracks prior to the divinely woven closing cut "Ambur" are noodlings;
good noodlings, mind, but still inconsequential. They expose the weaknesses of the album where lack of intensity arises. This is
not a wrong path - it's when things become intensely unintelligible verbally, very much alien riches- that the best work shows
itself. I'm intensely glad, as well, that I gave this record more than just a passing judgement. The world is made of nectar; it
is only the bitter aftertaste of the human psyche that wears our own judgements thin. Here's to many more from Demen on Kranky.

roel_funcken just sent I his latest ambient/idm/chillout/space mix, broadcast first on live streaming platform Mixlr.

Starts very Squarepusher-y, I imagine it will slow down a bit later on. V nice ambience early on. Something for clearing the cobwebs.

An intense and gripping 8 track dirge-fest by The Inward Circles on Corbel Stone Press is one for the history books.

This tune is rather beautiful.

If you have been checking this thread frequently you will know I like the Important Records label. They have released Eleh and Harry Bertoia amongst others in the past and now they have a good "100 CDs for $100" deal for ambient fledglings. The goal was to raise the reached 15000 dollars to create a new warebarn with structure and electricity. Help support the Important cause and get some Important music in the process.

The IMPREC Kick Starter campaign is on that site if you can be dallied to search for it.

[Image: be8d4be6-e675-4748-a2fb-0b34676b43cf.jpg]

Showcase your products.


After a year of preparation we're excited to announce that our Kickstarter campaign aimed at renovating our barn into a proper office is now live.


Important operates out of a small farmhouse which we share with our growing family. Deliveries are moved through our front door and are processed in our back office before being moved out to the barn for long term storage. The Bertoia tape studio is in the front room while our basement serves as additional storage and a screen & letterpress print studio. Our goal is to consolidate all of this into one organized, climate controllable workspace we can use for the next 15 years.

We're now working directly on preserving the archives of artists including Harry Bertoia, Pauline Oliveros & Tod Dockstader. A consolidated, organized office will help us significantly with these preservation efforts.

What is in it for you?

We have opened our vaults and are offering 16 years worth of test pressings, color vinyl, rarities and a massive CD & LP blowout as well. Check out a brief description of many of our rewards below.

All color LPs and test pressings will be shipped randomly. However, when we survey you at the end for your address we'll ask for your favorite releases  but we can not guarantee that you will get one of your requests.

One more thing....

Please let us know if you would like us to combine pledge levels for you. We will make any combined custom pledge level you ask for.

Please consider helping us relocate our office. You will be rewarded!

John & Maurice

An Office For Imprec

10LPs (random mix of doubles & singles) in a tote bag.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
We're liquidating our overstock CDs. It's all top notch music but we've got too many copies & need the space.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
We've archived 16 years of IMPREC color vinyl. You'll receive a randomly selected LP from our archive. Most were made in editions of 100.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
You'll receive a test pressing (typically from an edition of 5 or 10) in a custom screen printed & hand labeled sleeve.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Handmade subscription series:

You'll receive an Important release, from our back catalog, in an Arigato Pak sleeve with handmade artwork - for under $10 a month (plus shipping).

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Pauline Oliveros Reverberations box set signed by Pauline.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Coil Ape Of Naples/New Backwards 4LP test pressing in box.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Sonambient FW1033 Test Pressing:
Originally intended to be a museum edition but arrived too late to be part of the show. Screen printed jackets and a test pressing from the recently released Harry Bertoia LP

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
John Oswald's ultimate mix of the Grateful Dead's Dark Star on color vinyl.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Coil Ape/Backwards pressing plate

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Coil Ape/Backwards color vinyl box.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter

Ron English original painting inspired by Daniel Johnston

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Original Dresden Dolls 7" signed by Brian and Amanda

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter

2017 IMPREC logo shirt box. 3 shirts in a screen printed box.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Screen printed poster pack. Cortini, Eleh, Eleh & Imprec art prints included. Signed & numbered.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Promo poster pack. We'll send you a few Imprec promo posters. Jo Ha Kyu LP poster will be included but is not shown.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Steve Keene sent us a bunch of paintings & we selected one for the cover of Ikebana. You'll get one.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Hafler Trio used vocals from Jonsi of Sigur Ros to create this incredible double disc.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Name your size and we'll send a random artist or label shirt.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
We'll send you TWO seven inches.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
Original paintings by John Fahey.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter
This box contains all the lacquers used to produce the original Coil Ape/Backwards box set. You get all 8 and the box they came in.

An Office For Imprec - Kickstarter

I saved 226 dollars (£179) on this job lot in total cost, and much more than that if I had catalogued. 308 ounces is what 100 Cd packaged weigh.
1kg in ounces = 35 ounces. That's 17 ounces per 39 dollars USA to UK ship maximum.

Syn/cussion in Berlin, Einstürzende Neubauten in Newcastle, The Necks and a night curated by CRU magazine in London, and more
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Our pick of the coming week’s live events and exhibitions in underground music, plus The Wire’s latest online features.

This week: Syn/cussion in Berlin, Einstürzende Neubauten in Newcastle, The Necks and a night curated by CRU magazine in London. Angelica Festival in Italy, Drill in Berlin, SPOR Aarhus, and Tectonics in Glasgow. Plus: a solo exhibition by Steven Stapleton in Ireland and The Engine Room sound exhibition in London.

Online: a stream of Chino Amobi's Paradiso album, a Wire 400 mix by Dark Entries boss Josh Cheon, and Nicole Mitchell's Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds album. Plus: The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM.

On Stage
WIRE 400 The Necks
London Jazz Cafe, UK
Free improv trio from Australia in London. London Jazz Cafe, 3 May, 7–11pm, £20.
WIRE 400 Einstürzende Neubauten
Newcastle Boiler Shop, UK
As part of their ongoing Greatest Hits tour the seminal German industrial band will be playing a special concert in a new venue located in the workshops where George Stephenson built the world's first steam locomotive. Newcastle Boiler Shop, 5 May, 7pm, £30.
WIRE 400 Syn/cussion
Berlin Radialsystem, Germany
Experimental electronics and improv festival featuring Will Guthrie & Mark Fell, Martin Brandlmayr & Nicholas Bussmann, Felia Gram-Hanssen & SØS Gunver Ryberg, Lê Quan Ninh & Thomas Ankersmit, Katharina Ernst & Andrew Pekler, John McEntire & Sam Prekop, Morten J Olsen & Marta Zapparoli, Sven-Åke Johansson & Jan Jelinek, Paul Lovens & Thomas Lehn, and more. Berlin Radialsystem V, 5–7 May.
WIRE 400 CRU Magazine
London Iklectik, UK
The Contemporary Radical Underground magazine CRU presents music by Frédéric Acquaviva, Loré Lixenberg, Trevor Wishart, Pauline Oliveros and Ione, and more. London Iklectik, 9 May, 7:30pm.
Another Timbre Presents
London Cafe Oto, UK
Three evenings put together by the record label which operates at the interface between improvised and contemporary music. The Canadian-inclined programmed Includes the UK premiere of Linda Caitlin Smith's Dirt Road; The Konus Quartet performing Chiyoko Szlavnics's During A Lifetime for saxophone quartet and sinewaves; and Apartment House performing new works for strings. London Cafe Oto, 3–5 May, 7:30pm, £21–£8.
Led Bib
Various venues, UK
UK tour for the jazz-rock-improv group. London The Vortex (3 May), Birmingham Blue Orange Theatre (5), Bradford Fuse Art Space (6), Newcastle upon Tyne The Bridge Hotel (7), Canterbury Bramley's Bar (Cool.
Angelica Festival
Bologna various venues, Italy
Long-running new music festival featuring world premieres of orchestral works by Roscoe Mitchell, Sylvano Bussotti and Phil Minton & Veryan Weston; new projects by Annette Peacock, Bob Ostertag and David Moss; a children's choir singing pieces by Philip Corner and Malcolm Goldstein; plus performances by Alterations and Natasha Barrett. Bologna various venues, 4–31 May, €15–free.
William Basinski
London Round Chapel, UK
Haunting tape loop compositions in Hackney's beautiful Round Chapel. London Round Chapel, 4 May, 7:30pm, £16.
Helena Hauff
London The Pickle Factory, UK
The German electro DJ headlines the night, with more names to be announced soon. London The Pickle Factory, 5 May, 10pm–6am, £12.50.
Glasgow City Halls & Old Fruit Market, UK
BBC Symphony Orchestra mixing it up with Roscoe Mitchell, Julia Holter/Catherine Lamb/Laura Steenberge, The Necks, Lori Goldston, Eddie Prévost's Spirals, Rie Nakajima, John Chantler & Luke Fowler and K-Space. Glasgow City Halls & Old Fruit Market, 6–7 May, £26–£12.
Varous venues, UK
Salford alt-rock collective tour in support of their new album Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine. Brighton Green Door Store (6 May). More dates here.

Drill: Berlin
Berlin Volksbühne Theatre, Germany
One of a series of geographically dispersed events programmed by post-punks Wire in celebration of 40 years of activity. Featuring Wire, Automat, Camera, Tarwater, Cummi Flu/Raz Ohara and DJs. Berlin Volksbühne Theatre, 7 May, 6pm, €28.
Aarhus various venues, Denmark
Week-long festival featuring Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session live plus a sound installation by Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir and a music theatre piece that lasts for over three days. Aarhus various venues, 8–14 May.
Ian William Craig + Resina
London Oslo, UK
Choral chants and reverb soaked loops by Canadian composer Ian William Craig, plus support act. London Oslo, 8 May, 7:30pm, £12.
See more listings on The Wire website>
On Site
Steven Stapleton: Doing What We Are Told Makes Us Free
Ballyvaughan Burren College Of Art Gallery, Ireland
First major exhibition of visual art by the principal musician behind the surrealist post-industrial group Nurse With Wound. Stapleton's visual work combines collage, assemblage and painting. Ballyvaughan Burren College Of Art Gallery, 4 May–9 June.
The Engine Room
London Morley College, UK
International sound art exhibition with work selected from an open call by judges including The Wire Publisher Tony Herrington, Janek Schaefer and Annie Mahtani. London Morley College, 4 May–1 June, free.
Every Vessel
Aalborg Kunsthal Nord, Denmark
Interactive performance based exhibition which uses as its source material three performances per day by a trio of improvising musicians known collectively as Flamingo. Data from the performance and the audience response are transformed into objects using a 3D printer. Aalborg Kunsthal Nord, 6 May–4 June.
See more listings on The Wire website>
The Wire news and listings
Get the latest info on artists, gigs, screenings, exhibitions and more.
Canadian psychedelic trio Syrinx have reformed
The outfit who opened for Miles Davis and Ravi Shankar in the 1970s are the subject of a new documentary to be premiered in advance of their first performance in 45 years.
Jlin to soundtrack choreographer Wayne McGregor’s new show
The footwork producer provides the music for McGregor’s forthcoming Autobiography.
Kraftwerk to release major project 3-D The Catalogue
The release will feature Kraftwerk’s performances of eight albums, from Autobahn to Tour De France, filmed and recorded between 2012–16 on the band’s 3-D World Tour.
The Wire hits its 400th issue
The June edition of The Wire will be the magazine’s 400th issue. To mark this landmark occasion we'll be co-presenting a series of events taking place at various venues from London to Shenzhen. We'll also be hosting Wire 400 content online, and of course, producing a special 400th edition of the 'zine!
Listen to Chino Amobi's epic debut album Paradiso
Exclusive first listen to the NON co-founder's sprawling full-length debut.
Dark Entries: Wire 400 Mix #2
From Josh Cheon of Dark Entries, the second in our series of Wire 400 mixes has a special 1982 theme to mark the year The Wire was founded.
Listen to Nicole Mitchell's Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds
Following two suites composed as a tribute to Octavia Butler, the Afrofuturist flautist is set to release her new sci-fi novella and album Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds.
Watch Valerio Tricoli & Christopher Gray's Slow Black With Ruins
The collaborative film was shot in Salento, Italy, and features a new soundtrack.
The Wire App Facebook Twitter Vimeo The Wire App The Wire App
On Air
Adventures In Sound And Music 4 May 2017
Resonance 104.4 FM
Join The Wire's Deputy Editor Joseph Stannard for a selection of apocalyptic sounds including tracks by Chino Amobi, Yatta, Huxley Anne, Bonaventure and more. Every Thursday 9–10:30pm (GMT), 104.4FM for Londoners.
Streamed live at
Listen back on Mixcloud
See more listings on The Wire website>

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Something a bit different ambientally among sounds ambientally bent: Lupe Fuentes In The Loop House/Tech House newsletter.

House music all night long, as they say.


[OUT NOW] Lefty D 'New Style' EP
DJ Cameo & Myles 'Rub-A-Dub' EP

Ralph C 'DJ Religion' EP
Fede Moreno & Pinco 'Going With Jack' EP

In The Loop goes Live on Facebook once again for our biweekly segment of IN THE LOOP LIVE, join us as we team up with Inked Magazine for an hour long set by a different artist from our In The Loop Crew twice every month! This past month we were honored to have the musical stylings of none other than our crew member Lefty D all the way from Athens, Greece! Lefty D recently also had a chart-topping release through us titled 'New Style' EP that made it onto the #4 spot for Traxsource's Top 10 House tracks! This amazing EP also included moving remixes by In The Loop Crew members 2 Sides of Soul, Mirelle Noveron and George Seragos. Up next we have crew members Jack N Danny hosting our next 'In The Loop Live' in just two weeks on May 12th! Be sure to check our social media for more info and details! If you missed Lefty's incredible set, no worries, just click the picture below!

Lupe Fuentes' Top 10 Fire Tunes


Now these lot are quality ambient and post-rock influenced...get em on a bill in Oxford, please, someone...

Latest news and available dates for our artists
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Manchester, UK // Gizeh Records / LCR / Sacred Tapes
Available: 2nd-13th September 2017
Quick link: A.R.C. Soundtracks at Sleepsound Agency
A.R.C. Soundtracks is an audio/visual project based in the post-industrial city of Manchester. Marrying bleak drones, echoed-out percussion and FX-heavy spoken word to ritualistic visuals, they make for an unsettling experience. The duo return with a new record 'DERELICTION//MIRROR' released via Gizeh Records in summer 2017 and we are booking a European tour for September 2017 to promote it. The album was recorded during a residency at Salford Islington Mill (home to GNOD, Sacred Tapes, cuspeditions and many other noise and experimental labels). Their current live show was premiered at London’s Cafe Oto in 2016 and works as a soundtrack to prepared visuals.

Below is the current tour schedule, press quotes and links to audio and video. Or, the Sleepsound Agency information page is here:

I'm happy to discuss any ideas you have for shows.
Best wishes,
David Armes || Sleepsound Agency
02.09.17 - available
03.09.17 - available
04.09.17 - available
05.09.17 - available
06.09.17 - (DE), tbc
07.09.17 - BERLIN (DE), Tiefgrund
08.09.17 - available
09.09.17 - available
10.09.17 - available
11.09.17 - available
12.09.17 - available
13.09.17 - GHENT (BE), Kinky Star

2 people
• Sleepsound Agency booking page
• 'From A Shattered Beam' (Sacred Tapes, 2016)
• 'Archive: Volume One' (LCR, 2014)

“Eroded, rurally blemished drone. It’s difficult to tell if the music is reassembling or falling apart further, and that’s a beautiful thing." Rock-a-Rolla (UK/EU)

““A record with a deep, resonant atmosphere, reminiscent of the likes of Demdike Stare, Svarte Greiner and even Swans at points. Should prove to be one of the highlights of the year.” Echoes & Dust (UK)

“"A fantastic collection of minimal drones and barely existent electric post-folk balladry." Included in The Finest Ambient Albums of 2014 end-of-year review. Drowned In Sound (UK)

"Kevin Drumm-style drones and Secret Boyfriend-style sketches of post-punk ambience drift through the duration of the LP, which features some stunning compositions. An incredibly strong piece of work and features some moments of abstract beauty at its core." (UK)

'The Road To The Camp' video - featured in Videodrome round-up on Electronic Beats (DE)

The excellent...

Various Artists | Whitelabsounds
Whitelabrecs |
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This is a proud day for us at Whitelabrecs HQ – we’ve been working hard behind the scenes for a while on our very first compilation album and for this, our packaging/design takes a slight turn. This release continues along the lines of vinyl-effect CDrs of course but this time, we’ve splashed out on creating a small scale fine-art vinyl imitation CDr, which is presented exactly as a professional vinyl LP would, only smaller!

The album sees us make good use of the full space on the disc as we’ve approached our own artists, label friends and established artists alike. The final product sees well-known producers such as Offthesky, Darkroom and The Green Kingdom line up alongside our very own David Kolhne, Jose Soberanes and Ondrej Zajac. We couldn’t be happier with the packaging and the quality of the tones contained on the disc and we hope you will be too.

It's available now on Whitelabrecs and as subscribers to our mailing list you are the very first people to get the chance to grab a copy of this release and we'll leave it a few days before promoting it on our website and social channels.

-press release-
Since we began running Whitelabrecs in January 2016 we’ve managed to put out 20 albums covering the varied ground of the Ambient scene and featuring artists both new and established. Usually by the time that this many releases have amassed, most labels will have created at least one compilation or sampler but rest assured, we’ve been working behind the scenes for several months on our very own ‘Whitelabsounds’.
Our very first compilation album features a CDr full of top drawer Ambient and Experimental music featuring well known artists in the scene such as Offthesky, Maps and Diagrams, The Green Kingdom, Wil Bolton and Darkroom as well as contributors to our discography and other friends.
The album is presented as a small-scale fine-art vinyl LP imitation package, with a printed outer photographic/graphic sleeve, white card inner sleeve and a printed vinyl-effect CDr. There’s not a rubber stamp or white label in sight, as we wanted to present something truly special and hopefully, the start of a series.

The sounds contained within the disk are to be seen as a mood board of the various shades of modern Ambient music, with darker drones concocted from electronics and light noise sitting alongside beautiful electro-acoustic pieces, framed as a sort of mosaic. Every tile tells a story as each artist’s environment, experience and influence helps shape their sound. Somehow, the whole body of work becomes greater than the sum of its parts and that brings us to the artwork, a photograph of tessellating mosaic tiles taken in Pompeii, Italy.
Some tiles are worn and disintegrated whereas some are smooth and clear, perfectly reflecting the tones that can be heard on this inaugural Whitelabsounds compilation.

Catalog Number: WLR021
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Photography by Bethany Towell
Artwork by Harry Towell


01 The Green Kingdom - Dorado
02 Ben McElroy - Pete Rambles
03 Maps and Diagrams - Mirabilis
04 Andrew Lang - Nocturne
05 Floor Overhead - Houston, Texas
06 Felix Gebhard - GustorfNachmittag
07 The Restless Fields - Through A Screen Door, Darkly
08 Frank Baker - Bergwind
09 Ondrej Zajac - Ziggurats
10 Offthesky - See Through and Through
11 Philippe Lamy - ANiCrY2
12 David Kolhne - Gentle Sound For A Broken Horizon
13 Wil Bolton - Canvas
14 La Petite Vague - Ambre Gris
15 Net - Caddis Dance
16 Spheruleus - Rain
17 Darkroom - Holding On To The Sun (Edit)
18 José Soberanes - Don't Believe In Mirrors
19 Dave Kirby - Wrong Side Of The Road
20 Jazzdefector - Sognare 1

About Whitelabrecs

Whitelabrecs was set up by Harry Towell in late 2015 as another outlet to put out experimental electronic/acoustic music. It joins other sister labels Audio Gourmet, Tessellate and Warehouse Decay but will focus on a collectible series of highly limited edition vinyl-effect CDr packaging, influenced by white label vinyl records.

Unlike physical label Tessellate, Whitelabrecs' packaging will follow a set formula:
Vinyl-effect CDrs housed in card sleeves with a circular cut-out, rubber-stamped artist/album titles with a polaroid-style print of the cover artwork.
Each release will be a very low run of 50 copies, with less emphasis placed on digital music and more on the creation of rare artefacts with no set musical genre. Font styles, ink pigments and sleeve colours will vary for each release and will be selected by the artist.
Copyright © 2017 The White Lab, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you have opted in via or website or social media, or you may have purchased some of our material before either directly or from our sister labels.

Our mailing address is:
The White Lab
86 The Pollards
Bourne, Lincolnshire PE100QB
United Kingdom

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The Memory of Trains
The Memory of Trains
By low light mixes
Ambient, Chillout, Chill, Electronic, Berlin School
This mix began with a recommendation from a follower on Mixcloud, Paul Asbury Seaman. I asked for any train tunes he could suggest and he really came through, mapping out a whole mix for me.

Here's what Paul said about the mix...

"Berlin School synth/electronica can be pretty kinetic and thus an obvious source for a train mix, but I was going for a more melancholy sound, the wistful feeling evoked by the sound of Far Away Trains Passing By (the title of the Ulrich Schnauss album represented here). My working title for this mix was "Locomotive Lullaby."

Thanks Paul!

00:00 Erik Wollo - Church Mountain
04:04 Johan Agebjörn - Sleepless On The Kostomuksha-Petrozavodsk Night Train
10:20 Between Interval - On Track
13:10 David Parsons - The Himgiri
18:40 Ulrich Schnauss - Nothing Happens in June
24:25 Ascendant - Ephemeris
31:30 Mark Ward - Universal
40:15 Hollan Holmes - Enduro
46:25 Erik Wollo - Rundreise
51:05 Al Gromer Khan - Stamboul Train

Listen now

Listen Later

"Through Our Eyes Vol.1" is a benefit compilation of ambient artists, released by City Of Dawn. With 100% of the profits being donated to Local non-profit Autism organizations that I volunteered, and that Support Autism Awareness & Acceptance. The compilation features many previously NEW tracks composed exclusively for the collection and some old tracks that used in their previous albums but fits within the Special Compilation Album!

They are 3 Musicians in the Compilation Album that is under the Autism Spectrum including Myself (Damien Duque), Jonathan Fraser and Justin Palmieri (I AM Esper)

This Compilation Album is dedicated to the people on the Autism Spectrum and Local Autism Group Organization that help put up many various of Events for people on the Autism Spectrum. Please take the time to listen and Donate as many as you like as it goes to Autism Organizations for Upcoming Events, Equipments and many more for the people on the Autism Spectrum.

Ta for that DIB. I'll investigate.

Found this modern classical album on compact disc in Rapture Witney today, it's a tidy little set of 11 or so compositions from the foreign man. Unsure if it's on Spotify, so what the heck, I'll let you know about it.

Heavy use of percussion, I saw him live on prepared piano at the oldest church St Michael's At The Northgate in Oxford, and although there is lots of piano used here, in pianissimo, arpeggios, jazz keys and flirts with music hall, most of the nomenclature reverts back to closed couplet harmony. That is, one phrase, matched onto another in a different musical instrument altogether. It's fascinating stuff, really well done.


About: Hauschka - What If CD

[Image: transparent.gif]
[Image: 66d75647-7018-4c3f-b517-69a1e2298e05.jpg]
[Image: 611f5de8-58db-407a-a7b5-e38836cd5fb1.jpg]
[Image: 33631b28-587d-4d6b-89ba-cbdf5daa6333.jpg]
Exclusive Antonymes album cover prints now available.
Limited Edition Posters Released Today
Antonymes is proud to announce the release of the first in his series of art print collections. Beautiful posters, based on the original album cover art and available in limited editions of 30. The prints can be purchased individually, or as a set of four at a discounted cost.

Pre-orders sold well, but there are still some sets left. Order include a free download. Watch the promo video here.

Each poster is hand numbered, signed and dated and is printed on A2 (42.0 x 59.4 cm, 16.53 x 23.39 inches) heavyweight 250gsm uncoated paper. Posters are carefully rolled and protected with acid-free tissue and ship in heavy duty 2mm wall cardboard tubes.
Order prints
[Image: 30b88059-7eb7-49c7-b7c0-450d9eb5d125.jpg]
The Exquisite Corpse
A new collaborative album from Bigo + Twigetti in conjunction with Moderna Records. The Exquisite Corpse is based on the surrealist game of the same name. A new Antonymes piece, Half-Life is featured on the album, and it's available now from Bandcamp.

Cavade Morlem
Olan Mill's beautiful album Cavade Morlem was recently re-released on the Dronarivm label. Anonymes was asked to produce a remix for the digital version. The result is Chort (Conducted by Antonymes). The album is available from Dronarivm's Bandcamp page.

Antonymes Imag(in)es

May Everyone Be Safe From Harm

FR 191 by Michael Robert Buckingham - Francis M. Gri & Giulio Aldinucci - Segmenti (draft, please accept or reject, or advise)

"Segmenti" starts well...a wind tunnel of drone life in lieu to the swirls of atmosphere on "Faglie". Enter choral singing in this networking site, a bubble of conditional bucolic behaviour that paradoxes anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure). "Segmenti" is an LP of drone-fugue, a ligonier point beyond sacred realms where repetition and oblivion can play equal hands with mirth and absolution. The angelic harmonies lift everything above dirge-y vinyl platter, and for this reason the record succeeds in its instrumental leverage as a beacon for the wounded. Dreamy textures pad out the soundscapes, and like "Colonne Di Fumo" by Federico Durand before it, sound waves are therapeutic.

Texturally, plenty evolves on a anti-destruction swirl. It could hence be argued swirling textures are a bedrock of ambient music when things are going good. Closing piece "Divisi" is a generative swirl with a will 'o the wisp chant wit, an allegory of stretched out phonetic alliteration that layers, and lollops over each note like a blanket for a newborn infant. In this descriptive nature, the album is probably the most child and adolescent-friendly ambient record by the KrysaliSound label for some time...their last few were darker than this in general, more nascent, hazy experiences. Given room to stretch out in less cluster and more monolith behaviour in relation to linear and cosine drones, we have this.

Highly recommended music, a joy to listen to, "Segmenti" is felt in the chest when it climaxes and ebbs away. And although the music is powerful, it is never too powerful on your mental operating system. The production is rich and crunchy crisp, billowing from proper monitors like an umbrella picked up by a tornado, it has immense, alive 'n' kicking spirit. It's quite contemplative, too. Like the best contemplation, there is a constant glimmer of hope offset by austerity natural in neutrality. The sound feels noble, feels likeable, instantly. I like how it moves, and as someone with two left feet in general, that's as big a segmented compliment as any. You enter the "Segmenti" enter infinity.

FR 192 - Fis & Rob Thorne - Clear Stones -

Energy for success hits in many ways, but I find the hill of caffeinated coffee beans, on Fis & Rob Thorne's "Clear Stones" arrives at the plateau when atmospheric pressure creeps into the story...Leyland Kirby doom rather than The Caretaker tautology each time. Of certainty, the presence of haunting music is a pressure all by itself. The listener is over-weighed by a strong, gluing torsion that tenses each phrase like the muscles of a Worlds Strongest Man contestant. When these actions, contrive, less success beckons. When free to unshackle, emotions of platitude run ride. And that's exactly what happens here...this, my friends, is a doomfest of epic proportions. All the way to the whistling finish line - where a Spaghetti Western saloon scene is the exit gate rather than the opening gambit - what we truly experience on this album is a chilling world of paradoxes and militia muscled drones that are as deceased and transcedentally introspective as the feeling of pure dopamine in musical form.

The lease to become less of a kitsch atmospheric act is the sense of paranormal reality is befalling this collaboration of two minds. On the Subtext label, who released great work this past year in the atmospherics department...fairly established experimental beat technician Fis (who has work on “Autonomic” sublet Exit Records), and relative up-and-comer Rob Thorne. These two musicians hit with a weight of a dynamo, the physique of the record taking a post-rock characteristic of low-high-low, tension-release-tension, inhale-exhale-aftermath. Indeed, "Glum Herrin", segment four, carries the bulk of an apocalyptic Thor zenith with consonance and dissonance obliterated in a parliamentary fashion by the sonic language of atonality. I do not often comment on atonality simply because, well, it often does not happen in albums I receive to review, but in "Clear Stones", there is an Aquamarine underwater-opaqueness to the grand, grisly affair of listening to this. I can't perfectly describe the feeling this gives me, since the lease is fully unhinged on an outstanding set of dialectically unhinged sound tapestries.

From a very frightening start – dense dark drones underpinned with unpredictable phrasing patterns and scattered debris engulfed by 808-like bass groans, to that aforementioned whistle, there is a zombie referee in the building. I think this could be an excellent soundtrack to a war zone, a war game at least, and a generalised anxiety. So much rides on the mood of the record, and this is a key strength, the mood moderation. It reminds me of entering shafts in the GameCube version of Resident Evil...a harrowing, tense experience where the hairs on the back of the neck stand up like weary, weather-beaten soldiers. The two eggs - Rob Thorne and Fis - producing this album have done a good service to those needing a sound track to The Great depression. Of course, the great depression has been centred on love, and like the comparable album by Phillipe Petit on "Dance Of The Dead Hot Lovers" ("do you believe in life after love" whispered by the female ancillary) the doom-mongering is superseded by rhythm, metre, pulse and a generalised metric interlude extension, one that creates a sense of sheer finality and purpose, an effect of broken decay and encrusted paranormal logic. The whistles at the end of “Front Ear” are case in point.

“Wooden Lung” after it is more likely to get time on my ambient mixtape playlists than previously...this kind of stuff is special occasion music, it cannot really mix well with other frequencies, something sacred beyond hot air (and there is a lot of that in this steamy collage) is revealed, and the abstract mosaic undergoes some kind of symposium ethic - a hall of wonder for the sound, and nothing but the sound. Indeed, as Simon Reynolds coined, "a cathedral of sound". Metallic drones that sound half manipulated violin, half comb filter effects unit. They cook that further action towards the end of the gaseous ducts in a kettle pipe. Generally speaking these terms are incongruous and contour until boiling point. The listener is saved from any anguish by the treasury of realised saw tooth synth hums that further information would obscure. My mind was blown by this album, I think yours, if you have any surfeit for the droning darkness, will be also. Get to treading those stepping stones, get to the clear stones of wisdom.

If you go to mine and Statto's shared SoundCloud page - - you will find "No Religion", a antidepressant hipster piece made with MMJ software. For all the like-minded nutters out there. 

I'm still not an atheist though. To live you have belief. 

Too tired by closed-minded people on all fronts. 

The brain is a lethal weapon without forcing others.

ASC - Trans Neptunian Objects (Auxiliary)

Latest ambient cds purchased on a stint in Witney...

Eno - Reflection (a generative l.p. of On Land equality)
Elgar - Cello concerto played by Natalie Clein
Emma Kirkby - A Portrait (Handel, Purcell, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart)
James Perry & Co - Peace Like A River (ambient jazz)
Local Oxon Artists (inc. Lee Riley, Maiians) - We Do Not Have A Dinosaur Volume Two

Dance hypnotherapy

(22nd June 2017, 05:06)Muttley Wrote: Emma Kirkby - A Portrait (Handel, Purcell, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart)


It's the one I bought from at the time (2010) with "Rise Glory Rise" on, features in Muttley - 15mof or. 50 - Wilderness.

A quality album.

The cello concerto is very fine indeed. 

Eraldo Bernocchi and Netherworld on Glacial Movements, Dan Caine and Musicformessier on Fluttery Records, Hammock - Mysterium on Bandcamp, Logicmoon - Oblivion on Archives...all notable new ambient records sent to me. 

Leat i forget the tipoff from Drone Records newsletter.

The Greatest Hoax - Expiration Compositions (Serein)

For me this is the most beautiful album I've heard in 2017 so far!

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