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Euphony Wrote:
cycom Wrote:
Euphony Wrote:I always remember having a dream a few years ago where I was trying to communicate with an orange.

There's a song about it by Mouse on Mars. Translates to "The inner orange" (Die innere Orange). It's basically hiss, static and noise, but then there's this part in the middle of the song, where a guy speaks about his feverish dream involving an "inner orange". You might wanna check this out, mate Lol


Maybe listening to that song will unlock the door to my destiny then. Or make me more obsessed with oranges so I end up being banned from Orchards for my innapropriate behaviour.

Maybe you're, in fact, Dutch


October 25

Spider mixed with a kid at school's muted voice that seemed to invoke some criticism of the situation.

A big bee trying to sting me, only for me to zap it with a cartoon gun so that it would fly away.

Naked schoolkids running around the street outside our old house down South at night with the streetlights on.


October 26

Weird dream. Got too close to a horse's back legs while rollerblading upwards over a bridge. The horse turned into one of our dogs and was foaming at the mouth trying to attack me while I leapt up onto a steel building site frame. I was sampling a new 2CD wedding style DJ CD player. I used to have a Gemini one since 2004 when I started DJing.

October 27

Various forgotten thoughts, outlined by schoolkids drawing on each other in the playground with red pen.

What is it with me and schoolkids?


October 28

Back down South where I used to live. Instead of a good friend working at my local Sainsbury's as she did in 2012, I'd gone into the corner shop down South and she was working in there. I got served by someone else as she seemed distressed.


I saw a book on dream interpreting yesterday and thought of you.


Aww. :kissandhug:

October 31

A new exhilarating feeling was a car with me in it being driven over a steep incline so that we were airborne for over 10 seconds.

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November 1 Dream

A whole story sequence of cartoon proportions in a long, affecting blend where Brody, Kurt and Walter attack one another.


November 4 Dream

I had a new girlfriend with blonde hair, the sister of someone who I used to know on Facebook, but only theoretically. We were getting on well in a speed dating kind of way.


Muttley Wrote:October 26

What is it with me and schoolkids?



I notice that if I read intensely before I sleep, I spend the whole night analysing, replaying, and discussing it with myself. Wish I could remember some of the deeper revelations I've had while doing this.


I only vaguely remember one dream last night. I was attending an event for Cadence Records and the DJ started with one of my tunes, although I didn’t recognise it.
The DJ kept stopping all the records instead of mixing them together, with pauses of about 2 minutes at a time. I then realised that it was supposed to be a back to back set and I was supposed to be the other DJ Hahaha
Even though I realised this, I still didn’t bother going up to the DJ booth as my attention was suddenly alerted to the fact that we were in a school gym.
That’s all I remember.


November 6 Dream

The good female friend I knew who worked locally was helping me to build a dragon ship at an earlier time. She commented something about it wasn't quite right and I got a bit upset. But later I was happy she made the comment.

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MetaLX Wrote:the deeper revelations I've had while doing this.


edit. my dream this night: one of our two cats annoyingly kept texting me messages about its lack of freedom (telepathically to my phone) Roll darn cat.


Makes my dreams feel a little less odd and f'd up. Grin


I tend to remember my dreams at least for a while after I wake up. I'll have to pop on here over a slice of toast in the morning before work soon.



Ben Kei Wrote:I tend to remember my dreams at least for a while after I wake up. I'll have to pop on here over a slice of toast in the morning before work soon.



November 7 Dream

Cardboard cars being driven down South UK with a meaning to get somewhere, but trying to pedal them on hands and feet, and never quite getting there.

Marshall Mathers dabbing water affectionately over a fictional foster mother's head as he got off the steps and returned to a higher height. The foster mother was either African or Indian.


November 8 Dream: More a nightmare - looking through the curtain while sleeping in the dream in out of body experience only to be assaulted by a man who looks like someone amiable at my local music production group, with a more chiselled face.


November 11 Dream: A famous female celebrity (Natasha Khan) on my calendar which for some reason had Jordan on it on a later page too (can't stand her). Speculating moving to a new house down South with people from the local vicinity helping us move in. It was lined like a convenience shop. Next part of the dream was falling out of bed with flowers in the display of my Cowon Mp3 player. Then, I woke up.


Ben Kei Wrote:I tend to remember my dreams at least for a while after I wake up. I'll have to pop on here over a slice of toast in the morning before work soon.


You can actually train your memory to recall more and more details quite easily. It only takes a couple of day. Did it when I was still in school (so that was long ago) and it was really suprising. After a week or so I could write down 4-5 pages every morning. Just need to keep a notepad next to your bed and write everything down first thing in the morning. (It's good not to have kids, too, btw Roll)


Or you can create your own dream journal on SC Xyxthumbs


true Lol although mick is almost a week overdue. (edit: correction. only a couple of days.)



cycom Wrote:true Lol although mick is almost a week overdue. (edit: correction. only a couple of days.)


I didn't know I had a following. Hahaha I'm just jotting these for my own understanding of where I'm going. When I get some book on dream theory (or re-read Lucid Dreaming by Celia Green) they'll likely make more sense.


November 12 Dream

Fire burning the scene down, quite close, with a memory of exiting a metal hatch in a car-like object.

A sexual recalling of a female I knew saying it "took her 200 beers" (am I that ugly? Lol)

November 13 Dream

Back down South where I used to live and moving music production/reproduction gear, only for me to be enjoying it so much that I had to keep asking "Am I asleep?" Family told me "no" and "you even said 'f*** off'", after that I woke up pretty suddenly.


On November 12 I also woke up laughing about the name 'Kermit McBollocks', which may or may not be a new TDD penname


Kermit McBollocks Lol

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