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it in where snows n actually f places ck winter

Thread Contributor: +ToRMeNT+Winter in places where it actually F*CK'N snows ...


so yeah

it's here. November wasn't a problem at all. But.. apparently, IT is on the way...

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From the window of my room.

Sick photo bruv


in the normal world, in northern hemispheres with changing seasons, April is generally SPRING.

here, in the shadows of the NA Rocky Mountains... "spring" is an optional season, which may or may not exist, as freak brief snow fall periods could happen as late as May, depending on the circumstance. THUS, as I post, we are still on vague "winter" mode. We rarely see April, actual spring rainfall, where everything rejuvenates back to luscious greens, thriving with life. HERE, "spring" generally is dry dusty as hell when the snow melts, with dreadful brown grass everywhere, and leaves gradually make their appearance on the trees sometime in April, or even May.

it is rather depressing. Oh, and this is why there are such risks for large grass & forest fires EVERY year, even in the mountains.

end rant.

Taken yesterday with my mobile phone camera.

Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^ it's actually raining this weekend, which is good. more rain to come.. it gets waaay too dry here after snow melts like I said. Might go into the mountains tomorrow, went along on a mountain drive this past Thursday, was interesting to see the terrain of mountain cattle ranchers in in my area.  Deer all over the place.. even a dead road kill deer on the side of the road. If i was in a grindcore tech death band, I would have used a pic of the dead deer as the cover art of our bandcamp release but..


It was snowing/raining last night, here in Estonia. Some nights it's still down to -7c. This is clearly fun, counting that there was hardly any winter at all this season.


Um.. so it is back. Did summer really happen? I guess.

Local temps dropped 43 degrees in one week here. There were literally grass fires everywhere, towns evacuated, highways shut down and all 2 to 3 weeks ago. October 28th weekend, high of 24 celcius.. this past weekend, - 12, - 19 degrees, windchills and all that.

The Special Request "Belief System" Houndstooth lp is making me happy tho.

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