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ZAT - Santiago, Chile

"Zat" lp, July 2017


01 - Desarmar
02 - Turistas
03 - Primavera Negra
04 - Vertederos
05 - Tramadol
06 - 512
07 - Amaranto
08 - Nueve
09 - Clientes

[Image: a1523123980_10.jpg]

Lyed - Austin, Texas

"The Immolated Earth" lp, July 2017



[Image: a2960795623_10.jpg]


Apparently, a new Antiseen album is out...very little info on this on the web. Still, excited. Poison Idea and Antiseen, two teenage heroes of mine Slayer
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^ I haven't checked out much Antiseen in my day. Asides from not being much of a serious GG Allin fan myself, I'll dig in to the Antiseen vaults to see what's poppin.

Poison Idea. Very much so. Smile

I'm digging the recent nod to the blatant resurgence of knuckle dragging, beatdown hardcore. Maybe you can direct attention to the popularity of bands like Code Orange in recent years - who are also diverging their sound and expounding on the heaviness to great success- "retro vibes" or not, I like the simplicity of the formula these days. Rediscovering old gems and vibing off new stuff like Knocked Loose has been fun as of late. Chaos can be structured, groove and have breakdowns. I like most spectrums. When it works, it works.

As posted earlier in the thread.. Knocked Loose are incredibly good at that beatdown thing.




Kublai Khan - Sherman, Texas

new "Nomad" lp, forthcoming September 2017


Track List:

1. 0:00 - Eyes Up
2. 0:42 - Come Out Of Your Room
3. 2:55 - The Guilty Dog
4. 4:53 - Dropping Plates
5. 6:46 - Balancing Survival and Happiness (Part I)
6. 10:24 - A Quarter Up The Staircase (Part II)
7. 12:27 - Ghost Pains (Part III)
8. 14:59 - Blossom
9. 17:05 - Crown of Books
10. 19:25 - Box Beneath the Bed

Track list:

1. 0:00 Life for a Life 

2. 2:34 Dear God 

3. 5:28 Tiny Moments

4. 7:43 Partners 

5. 10:06 A Brotherhood of Man 

6. 12:54 Mistakes 

7. 15:47 Still Here 

8. 18:13 Hunger 

9. 21:14 The Gift of Blood 
10. 23:50 Smoke and Mirrors

Left Behind - Charleston, West Virginia



Blistered - Tampa, Florida 


01. Rusted/ 0:00
02. Life Does Not Satisfy/ 02:53
03. Retribution/ 06:09
04. Coldest Blood/ 07:54
05. Soul Erosion/ 10:43

01. Path of the Coward/ 0:00

02. Caustic Promise/ 03:09

03. The Poison of Self Confinement/ 05:40

04. Illusion of Destiny/ 08:33

05. Lash/ 10:54

06. Lust for Vengeance/ 13:23

07. Kingdom of Traitors/ 15:13

08. Memories to Burn/ 17:10

09. Into the Dying Light/ 19:08

10. Death at Heaven's Doorstep/ 21:54

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Distant - Rotterdam, NL

"Tsukuyomi" e.p, July 2017



1. Apex
2. Acolytes Of Damnation (feat. Serge Stork of Colombian Necktie)
3. Tsukuyomi (feat. Georg Mullor of Castiel)
4. Malice (feat. Ricky Lee Roper of Osiah)
5. The Broken Cross

[Image: a0794422487_10.jpg]

Bodybag - Chicago, IL

"At the End of Time" e.p, June 2017


01. Storming the Gates of Hell
02. Acto De Contrition
03. Venom Runs Deep
04. Chaos Infinite
05. Ritual Damnation
06. Baptized in Agony
07. At the End of Time
08. Fighting the Demon Horde

[Image: a2324334951_10.jpg]

43Urban - Minamihoncho, Kanto, Japan - 1999 to 2007


.. like many hardcore fans of the time, also sneaking a little cheeky nod to dnb to boot. 

Track Listing:

1. Gives One Shot | 0:00
2. Economy Of Greed | 4:12
3. Wrong Place | 8:40
4. Majority | 13:35
5. Urban Breakz | 16:35

Some quality artwork, yet aha.

We interrupt this brief beatdown moment.. much like Martin Sorrondeguy's decades long hardcore punk career of contradicting "tough guy" hardcore imagery & stereotypes.

THE new LIMP WRIST "Facades" LP is fan-fuckin-tastic!   Xyxthumbs

As it would be.

Sorrondeguy & assorted collaborators within the many affiliated bands from over the decades have been known to put out some of the most raging, fast. screeching, pissed, conscious, hardcore records ever. Perhaps the new Limp Wrist lp shows some of the more musical, mid-tempo tunes that can also sit alongside the expected, 1 - 2 minute hardcore blasts - it is punk rock after all. Limp Wrist also giving a cheeky nod to the queer, 80's ebm dance roots in the last couple of tunes on "Facades" - perhaps unexpected, FUN, but it makes sense. Queercore, homocore, etc etc has many specific lineages, dance music, and 80's ebm included.  Why the fuck not?

Limp Wrist, always a good thing.



0:00 Façades
0:56 Thick Skin
2:32 Wrap Yourselves in Me
4:06 They Tell Me
6:22 Square One
8:35 Como Vos
10:30 A Little Nervous
12:37 Don't Want You
15:17 My Mind
19:59 Dead Artist
23:47 Systems in Place

[Image: a0191558812_10.jpg]

Vein - Boston, MA


00:00 A Crumpled Memo
00:51 Progenitor
02:29 Ideation: Self-Destruct
4:14 While You Weren't Caring


0:00 Ripple
1:44 Mirror Face
3:18 Heretic
5:26 Omnicron
7:06 Terrors Realm

00:00 - 01:55 Gust

01:55 - 04:21 Spiral
04:21 - 05:30 [untitled]

[Image: a1479262081_10.jpg]

.gif from god - Richmond, VA


1. adios bozo, this time i'm downloading you straight to hell
2. self pwnage for a narcissistic nutjub
3. rats
4. let's look at the plague
5. physics problem: sucking nothing but vacuum
7. empty grave, shallow mind, i'm still alive but my head is full of shit
8. maybe none of us understand what we have lived through

END - "From the Unforgiving Arms of God" e.p, forthcoming September 2017


[Image: a3132152857_10.jpg]

Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Wurzberg, Germany

"Finisterre" lp, August 2017


[Image: a0510866223_10.jpg]

^^^ that is amazing.

Cormorant - Petaluma, California

"Diaspora" lp, August 2017


1. Preserved in Ash 10:41
2. Sentinel 15:52
3. The Devourer 07:51
4. Migration 26:15


01. Eris (00:00)
02. Daughter of Void (02:34)
03. Sold As a Crow (09:18)
04. Waking Sleep (15:43)
05. The Pythia (24:45)
06. Broken Circle (31:01)
07. Mark the Trail (39:59)
08. A Sovereign Act (47:05)

[Image: a1743484124_10.jpg]

American - "Violate and Control" lp, June 2016



01.[00:00] Visions of Great Faith
02.[07:31] Necklacing
03.[09:43] Submission Psalm
04.[10:46] Bedsheet Ossuary
05.[15:39] Forever a Wicked Form
06.[18:29] Amorous and Subdued
07.[27:00] Ischemia - The Longing Agony
08.[30:30] Defecting Ways
09.[35:32] I Am Thine Enemy
10.[40:02] Paradise Again

[Image: a1433856604_10.jpg]

Forever joyous for the existence of Sheer Mag. The recent, July 2017, "Need To Feel Your Love" lp only adds to the brilliance thus far. Icon_yippee

Yet forever sad that John Peel missed out on hearing Sheer Mag. Icon_cry

Once again, as stated before, John Peel would have **LOVED** Sheer Mag. x infinity. Lovesmilie


0:00 Meet Me In The Street
3:11 Need To Feel Your Love
7:13 Just Can't Get Enough
10:05 Expect The Bayonet
13:51 Rank & File
16:46 Turn It Up
20:46 Suffer Me
24:50 Pure Desire
28:21 Until You Find The One
30:16 Milk & Honey
34:35 Until You Find The One
38:24 (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl

[Image: a2667707336_10.jpg]

New Propagandhi "Victory Lap" lp drops September 29th, 2017

Forever one of the tightest live bands you will witness if you've never had the chance.

Always a pleasure. 




[Image: 87540_Propagandhi.jpg]

UNFUN will always be dear to my heart. R.I.P and all that.



CUDDLEFISH is where some of the posthumous, Unfun affiliated action is.  

And yes, I greatly approve.  Ever distorted, snotty pop punk, noise.. more noise. A formula that will forever make me happy. Bring it.  Xyxthumbs


[Image: a1188193482_10.jpg]

They Sleep We Live - Bremen, Germany



[Image: a1457504982_10.jpg]

Sannhet - Brooklyn, NY

"So Numb" lp, August 2017


[Image: a1729269392_10.jpg]

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