Windows 10

Never used MS own players. They aren't good for anything (other than being slow and terrible).

I still haven't upgraded.

But in that time, Trump became "president".


(15th February 2017, 18:58)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: I still haven't upgraded. 


I agree... I wish I hadn't.

Nothing but problems.

external hard drive powering down while playing music / watching films.

having to reassign hard drive letters - or pc cannot find the 'f' letter so I can reassign

that stupid cortana popping up all the time when I double finger scroll down pages (thinking I'm 3 finger pressing)

quite simply a frustrating pain in the ass. it's shit. wish I still had windows 7.

Cool. I'll continue to NOT believe the Windows 10 hype ha. I guess if I'm interested in trying any new versions of Windows, I'd rather give em a go if I ever buy a new laptop, or tablet if need be - which might be an option for work use in the future. But otherwise, overhauling, upgrading on a machine just for specific features.. I'm doing fine without.

I actually use Windows phones too, which my current phone runs on Windows 10, not that I notice the applications, I'm pretty basic for phone usage, I don't live on my phone, don't have social media accounts, don't skype, snapchat, or all that bullshit. lol etc. HATED android phones from years ago, find the applications really bulky, too many unused apps, and iphones just don't exist in my world.. Currently don't mind Windows phones, decent prices too. Smile No real complaints.

If you haven't heard, come April 2017, Windows Vista will no longer be a supported format. My mother is still using Vista on her laptop, so we're trying to upgrade her to at least Windows 8.. ?? I told her of my wariness of Windows 10, to whatever degree she can understand comp tech talk. ha. On the other hand, my brother has been a faithful XP user since the XP olden days - he's a gamer, and has always had his set up patched together from the tech squads he works with over the years (he works for a digital cable company), so he relied on cheap hack hook ups for any computer need he had for years. Only now has he had to consider Windows 10 since his modem crashed.

those faithful hacked XP users hang on for dear life, don't they. heh.

Lol yeah.
Fecking windows 10 creators package update crashed my laptop at 8am this morning. I was doing the usual, y'know spinning a few tunes, and the audio buffer went bust.

Honestly first crash ive had on windows 10 and ive had it installed over a year. They tried to give me a mailbox desktop shortcut, which is good, but because im running live studio flat the playback temporarily fuxxored the whole machine.

Further warning to users whom Windows is trying to install the version 10 creators package.

Don't do it.

It ruined my whole laptop.

How did I rectify it?
Windows had a rollback Windows 10 method on Google.
This enabled me to recover a normal untouched state of computer. All my material was where I left it. Biggles.

^^   Icon_sad   that sucks. 

In researching trying to find a suitable upgrade for me momsie, it is known & warned that Windows 10 may not be compatible with older models of gear.. so if your laptop, or hardware is roughly 10 years old (or so..), you are suggested to buy something new to avoid a system melt down. Basically, if your set up you bought while Vista was a thing, the hardware may not even properly support Windows 10.  My mother is in her 60's, so given her limits in comp tech knowledge, I assume there is an older demographic of comp users being told to do Windows 10 at the moment as well.  Throw out what you have basically.. Windows 10 or bust!   heh.

I finally got myself a new laptop last week, thus I am a Windows 10 user now. In fact, so far I am pleasently surprised. After all, I have experienced some Windows desasters myself, like the horrible Vista. I used XP and 7 until now ( also avoided 8 ). It got a bit shakey regarding trying to get older external hardware to work but it looks I have resolved all the isses (for now).
Music critic for the Tally Ho

I'm also experiencing the automatic sleep mode of external harddrives, and I have tried to find the settings so I can remove the command.

Hmm...  external harddrive issue noted.     I did purchase a new laptop as well a couple weeks ago, I haven't used it yet, still in the box (... it was cheap, pre-Xmas sale impulse buy ) ,  if I do decide to keep the machine, thanks for the heads up.   Did end up buying a new set up for my mother.  She's been using Vista forever.  She doesn't like the new games on her new laptop LOL, but... she is trying to adapt to Windows 10, bless her soul.    On the other hand,  I may attempt to update her vacant Vista machine to Windows 8 atleast.. or not?  Who knows.

Windows 8 is def better, than Vista, but 7 is even better. Smile
Currently having same issues as described above - automatic sleep on external drives. Also, when starting up, Windows doesn't automatically connect to Wifi, have to do it manually every time.

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