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Orphx remixing ASC... yes please!

ASC - "The Killing Cloud", June 2017

[Image: a2464986969_10.jpg]

It makes sense that Samurai Music / Horo, etc. can put out "industrial" tagged releases about now


Separation Anxiety - "Vices" e.p, June 2017

tracklist draft:

2. Ancients Methods - Dammerung Der Parhelia (Ancient Methods Interpretation)
3. Skinny Puppy - Addiction
4..Leaether Strip - Khomeini
6. Rich Lane - Flesh (Originally by A Split Second)
8. Sumerian Fleet - Unfulfilled Desire
10. Black Merlin - Burn It
13. Ancient Methods - Born Of Ashes
14. Sawf - Menete
15. Force Legato - System
18. 2 AM FM - Desolate Cities
19. SARIN - Control
20. Schwefelgelb - Focus
23. Digital Poodle - Soul Crush (Adam X Revision)
28. Monolith - Near Crash



Phase Fatale - "Unubis" e.p, May 2017


nsfw (subjective on your situation)... nsfRepublicans.. nsfsqueamishantipixelizedanimationinferredgaythemedelectronicbodymusickvideodetractors

crackin remix selections nonetheless Smile



Last Days of S.E.X aka. Manos Chrisovergis (Greece)

"Sabatoge Normality" lp, April 2017

[Image: a2206649868_10.jpg]


liking a few of the quality tunes off the recent Fix8:Sed8 release

Skinny Puppy-isms in full effect

"Foren6" lp, May 2017

[Image: a0281921972_10.jpg]

Big thank you Torment for filling this thread with loads and loads of stuff, need to catch up with it Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^ no worries!  Thanks for starting & recommending the thread! heh.  Gives me loads of new stuff to listen to as well!  

NEW Tear Garden, aka. Edward K Spel (Legendary Pink Dots, etc) and cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy, etc) collab lp out NOW

"The Brown Acid Caveat" lp, July 2017

"..This is The tear Garden's 8th record and is testimony to an enduring friendship that spans the aforementioned ocean. After 8 years, The Tear Garden (the psychedelic/experimental/electronic project of Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots & cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy) return with "The Brown Acid Caveat", the culmination of the duo's 31 years of working together. Psychedelic electronic melancholia , fearless experimentation & improvisation combine to take the intrepid listener on a mesmerizing voyage of the mind. Feel the Love. Don't touch the brown acid.."

[Image: a0566416458_10.jpg]


Sonic Grooviness indeed.

very good.

[Image: a1824028588_10.jpg]

Hogwasche - Brooklyn, NY

.. apparently recording forthcoming release with Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, etc) on production duties.  Good call!

[Image: a2217260459_10.jpg]

Rendered - "Thedestroyerofallbeauty", August 2017

[Image: a3520672556_10.jpg]

For the sake of wtf collaborative projects, I'd like to hear how Black Line came to existence.

Paul Barker (Ministry, RevCo, etc), Nitzer Ebb's Bon Harris & Douglas McCarthy, Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode), Skinny Puppy affiliates Cyrusrex, Mark Walk, dj Baseck (Sonic Death Rabbit, Los Angeles, etc), and more.  There's even a Venetian Snares remix.

Crazy huh?

[Image: a1399493599_10.jpg]

As posted earlier in the thread, Blac Kolor is great.

August 2017, "Violate" e.p... yes please.

[Image: a2698762301_10.jpg]

new Schwefelgelb. Fantastic!

"Den Umgekehrten Atem", August 2017

[Image: a3919748952_10.jpg]

In a Youth Code kinda mood today.

"..The first release by Los Angeles industrial band Youth Code, released 02 December 2012. "These demo songs were written one week before our first show at Pehrspace on September 10th, 2012. They were recorded live in our bedroom with a few overdubs in November of 2012." The final versions of these songs are featured on the debut LP released in 2013."

01. "Destroy" Said, She
02. Sick Skinned
03. Keep Falling Apart
04. What is the Answer?


Volition Immanent aka. Parrish Smith, Mark Knekelhuis - Amsterdam, NL

[Image: a1622771687_10.jpg]



"..In the second part of the Unlocking Sounds collaboration between the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative, the Research Center for Material Culture and Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum, Dutch producer Parrish Smith digs through the Tropenmuseum’s ethnographic music archive and reads between the lines of ethnomusicology to confront the Netherlands’ colonial past. Assisted by the writings of Surinamese slave resistance writer Anton de Kom, Smith delivers a gripping social commentary entitled GENESIS BLACK.

Parrish Smith, known for his analog work akin to a dystopian psychedelic warehouse rave on New York’s L.I.E.S. label and as one half of the underground punk / EBM duo Volition Immanent trades in his analog gear for samples from Suriname, India, and Indonesia. But aside from a few flutes and distant voices, the EP seizes the field recordings’ underlying emotion and ethical questions rather than their musical heritage. Gamelans and strings are stretched into majestic pads and unidentifiable melodies are distorted to provide grating granularity instead of a melody.

“The sounds are not perfect; it is more primitive. In almost every track you can hear noise/hiss pops and clicks. I don’t want to romanticise this whole subject”. And like a ship crossing the sea, GENESIS BLACK massively churns forward guided by Smith’s own effected voice as he recites a striking narrative that’s melancholic and transfixing.

The EP’s underlying narrative is inspired by the life and writings of Surinamese slavery resistance fighter Anton de Kom whose book, Wij Slaven van Suriname, (We Slaves of Surinam) scathingly and unabashedly condemned the horrors of slavery. Smith: “My dad insisted years ago that I had to read Anton de Kom because it’s important for our history and my that I don’t forget where we came from and which people are important to remind us of what happened.”

Smith, the son of Surinamese parents of Indian and Chinese descent who immigrated to Suriname before later coming to the Netherlands went to great lengths to research and understand the lives of the individuals subjected to Dutch colonialism - a still controversial topic in the Netherlands. GENESIS BLACK is not Smith’s first social commentary work. Last Autumn he was invited to compose a soundtrack for Chinese photographer and activist Ai Weiwei’s #Safepassage exhibition.

At a time when inequality, segregation, xenophobia and discrimination occupy the political and socio-economic discourse, impacting the lives of millions of innocent individuals seeking to find their place in the world and secure a future for themselves and family, GENESIS BLACK uses the archival field recordings -a direct representation of a time when the lines between exploration and exploitation were drastically obfuscated- as a way to translate and transmit the subtext buried beneath the sounds to remind the listener: this is not new. "

[Image: a2707181191_10.jpg]

Retual aka. Kasri Mehdi - Casablanca, Morocco

[Image: a0775889203_10.jpg]

The Blush Response "Infinite Density" lp drops today via Sonic Groove

bigs!    Yes

[Image: a3874865888_10.jpg]

I knew who Grandmaster Flash was, was already bumpin Run DMC, Eric B, the Bomb Squad of course.

I liked the noise of hip-hop. Distortion, funk.

MBM was like the next level.  If ever there were tunes that defined my journey into electronic musics from that moment onwards.  

Blame Jack Dangers.   Xyxthumbs


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