RADIO Foci's Left - Serious Pressure EP (Free Studio Stream)

free 4 track conceptual playlist based on the brain's individual assemblage point; enjoy. mike

Just been recording the first side of a 90 minute tape of my studio recordings
pretty fun, I get to sound as bad as I want to get, absolutely terrible waste of time
gotta have some morbid drones on the b side to compliment the schizoid theme laid down already
guitars and beats, whines and groans, moaning synth and ugly zither glitter
ghastly, ghastly mess of a tape, no one will want to listen to this, just the way I like it

the tape player on the other hand is a diamond, it dubs tapes me by recording from the microphone pickup on the top
there's only one volume level which is okay, because otherwise i'd only be messing around with it to try and remove hiss
sounds really really good, love the white noise tape sound you get with 70s gear
and I can play my friends tapes on it too

another 7' single eh...just imagine Thumbd



For the terrorists and won't even attempt to listen to this, and that's good. Fuck off. I have a huge fan base on SoundCloud, because some people know what passion for electronics and technology really is. I will never stop writing. I will never let the BASTARDS grind me Dow.

It's on my "listen to" list. But I have another 29 metal LPs to get through first Smile

You are my angel.

I prefer the second side Xyxthumbs

though I'm not sure why there are two little tracks (and gaps) flanking the long one
why not just the main track on its own? Smile

and now I'm going back to metal again... Icon265

Nice thanks so much Statto.
I wanted to make a type of padded envelope listening experience. I.e a couple tracks either side of the main portion to make it fuller.

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