RADIO John Lennon - Across The Universe

Llovely somg. Discovered on that 02 mobile phone advertisement, same as Goldfrapp all those years ago.
Statto obligatory rant thread. Lol

Let it be.

I don't mind Lennon's music per se.

Just Imagine Thumbd

oh I can just imagine, and imagining is good, because imagination over deconstruction is altogether excellent.

for me "imagine" the song has a special place in my heart, something i'd forgotten about for too many years. Xyxthumbs

I am too often losing hope with music and that song fills me with whimsy, over misery. it's a sappy love-in isn't it?

but y'know, I like that sort of thing, because i'm a sappy hippie in a self-described one personality of many.

Then again, i always thought Sgt. Pepper was overrated as an album. Richard Wilson in Can't Be Arsed pbk agrees...

"Its like Jools hollands 'boogie-woogie piano', which he manages to crowbar into every act that appears on Later... Then there are Lennon's lazy lyrics that he could never be bothered to think up himself, but nicked out of newspapers and bill posters - 'and of coursw, Henry the horse is topping the bill'? Great poetry...

Sgt. Pepper ushered in a era that the baby boomers hoped would never end, but end it did, and we were left with the fag-end of embarrassing hippy culture and all the merchandising 'concepts' and gimmicks which the Beatles had thrown at the project. The ganjets in the music business seized on this stuff and soon everyone was running up massive bills, pissing about for months in recording studios and turning out pompous gatefold concept albums. The Beatles, bless 'em, were only trying to give the record buyers extra value with the elaborate cover art, lyric sheet and free poster. They even left 'Penny Lane' and 'Strawberry Fields Forever' off the album because it was felt to be cheating peoplw to 'pad it out' with singles. Just think, if they had been a bit more cynical, Sgt. Pepper could have perhaps been quite a good record".

Hahaha Applause

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