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smoking monkey&spin out mc 16.03.2003
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ESB : Unwind Radio Sessions Show #16
this one is from the first hour of my 16th show and
was originally broadcasted on May-05-03 and is a
focus on more abstract styled edits. Info below.

ESB - Abstract Focus Archive
1 - sonar circle - magnum force - solas
2 - g force & seiji - sex in space - reinforced
4 - torus - revamp - reinforced
5 - ultra violet - melted down - streetbeats
6 - paradox - rare earth - offshore
7 - sileni - 4d - outsider music
8 - zero tolerance vs. naphta - cat & mouse - bassbin
9 - justic
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Bambu III 16-08-2003
Time for our third edition and this time we invite our first international combo!

NAPHTA (Bassbin/Breakin, IRL) vs TRIPLE A (Kin Recordings, IRL)

Both of these people have been involved in the Irish drum and bass scene for a long long time.

Naphta was one of the core members of the bassbin collective having started the first radio show in the mid nineties together with the Don Rosco, by 96 the crew grew and more and more it became apparent that this was a force to be reckoned with. Hos
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DLN vs Bo Live @ Bambu III 16-08-2003
This was one memorable party and to share it with you people, here's part one of the live sets.

Recording and encoding courtesy of Fre

Feel free to submit any tracklist as my mind is a total blank at the mo...


[url=http://www.breakz.be/portal/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=getit&lid=114][b]DLN vs Bo Live @
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Karbonkid Live @ Bambu III 16-08-2003
As promised here's part two of our recorded sets of the latest Bambu Party....

Karbonkid Live @ Bambu III 16-08-2003
Version: mp3 192kbps/44kHz
Filesize: 79.85 MB
Duration: 58 mins


dj ss 'the intro (tango remix)' formation
subsequence 'music is the vibe' too'z up
doc scott 'it's yours' metalheadz
hyper-on-experience 'lord of the null lines'
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Naphta vs Triple A Live @ Bambu III 16-08-2003
So finally got round to uploading this massive file (took me little over four hours)!
I know you will enjoy this as in my opinion this set conveys what Bambu is al about: across the board selection in a wicked atmosphere..

naphta vs triple a live @ bambu III 16-08-2003
Version: mp3 192kbps/44kHz
Filesize: 194.81 MB
Duration: 141:51 mins

Last tune in the mix is the legenda
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Most users ever online was 56 on Tue Sep 23, 2003 2:16 pm
Icon_eek Xyxthumbs
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smoking monkey 16.11.2003 final scratch rinse out

ultra violet ultra violet
pish posh oil slick
plejik forsaken
pish posh corrupt cops evol intent rmx
arqer&realtime houston highway
temper-d&k-fire death of princess
imagination d demon
infiltrata unconscious document
gigantor&jme wait for it
pish posh&chris young the angels cry future prophecies rmx
garon fo shizzle
garon e nomine padre
drop bass untitled 2003
defiant elemental ben sage rmx
defiant weekends
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The Conscious Selection @ clubdecks.se - 2003-12-16
Here is the archive of tonights show!

(128 kbps MP3)


[color=#AEA3C3]Materia - Mindbomb (Timewarp edit) [dubplate]
Rascal & Klone - Hyperkinetic [FQY001]
Corrupt Souls - Skyclad [Armada dubplate]
Pyro - Fallin [PRS010]
Skinny & Lynx - Off The Hook [UDFR018]
Arcane - Polygon Sea [ABPR015]
Future Enginee
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Agents Over America Vol 16 :: My stand on the issues
:: Agents Over America Vol 15 ::
[Image: http://www.idiom.com/~zilla/Work/AMG/stand.jpg]
Monday, Feb 2 2004 :: 6 - 7 PM EST / 11p - 12a UK :: http://www.jungletrain.net
I have held my tongue during the whole edits discussion. I have sat quietly and read what other people have written about their feelings on the music. Even though I severely disagree with some of the views expressed by my fellow junglists in these threads, I respect everyones right to

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