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May I draw your eyes to this.....?


actually we are trying to get some people registered before the launch on 9th nov.

either that or just sign the tagwall / forum guestbook....

later........ Lol
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Rock or Roll ?
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Amen Greats?!?!
so you know now and then some mate of yours (or your mum) goes... hey man actually, what is an Amen??? which track would you dig out to go, hear this... that is an amen.....

here are a few of my prime cuts....

1) NWA - Straight Outta Compton
2) Lenny de Ice - We are I.E.
3) DJ Crystal - Meditation
4) Seba - Car Crash (if you've not heard this, hunt it down!)
5) Therapy - Loose (Photek Remix)
6) Omini Trio - Renegade Snares (i forget which mix - actually saying that you could be down
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Who is ................ ?
Who the bloody hell is behind the alias Streetbeats Admin ???

Icon_question Icon_question Icon_question Icon_question Icon_question Icon_question
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hang over cures?!?

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Anyone in Reading area need some housemates..?
AC and I are looking for a room in a house in Reading. If anyone knows anyone who wouldnt mind sharing with a couple then please get in touch. Looking to move sometime after xmas.

bob(ule) 07976 570284
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Hardware / Software ............. ?
During an interview with a big name DnB producer on the radio during the wkend the subject of production methods came up.

The producer was saying how he and other new generation producers used entirely software to produce there music.

He claimed that the capabilities of software meant that the variations you can produce are endless unlike those made using hardware.

Is this the way of the future, are rooms full of music equipment becoming extinct or is it just a phase ?

What do you p
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Loner ........... ?
Why is Drum and Bass still alone in the music world, it seems that several things have not changed over the last few years while other genres have changed dramitically.

Garage Music has been in the media regularly for both good and bad reasons. It has a regular space on Radio at prime time and the media seems to have adopted it as a new craze.

Yet drum and bass still gets no media attention it holds no prime time slots on radio (apart from the specialist pirate / internet stations). It g
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Anyone order from [url]www.juno.co.uk[/url] ?
I'm going to order a fuckload of wax from them like next week and I heard some good things about them. I'm just trying to get some other remarks of the site.

BTW this is what i'm getting.........

CONCORD DAWN Morning Light TYME 022 12" £4.47

HIGH CONTRAST Return Of Forever (remixes) BBSHC 001/BRK 34001 12" £4.25

BLACK SUN EMPIRE The Rat BSE 001 12" £4.39

DYLAN & FRICTION Polluted Soul OUTB 019 12" £4.25

HIVE Surreal Killer VIO 004 12" £4.25

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