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Sepultura - Chaos AD


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Fracture in entering the commercial/ad business shocker!
As we all know, Fracture and Neptune's recent exposure on media is starting to gain them lots of sponsorship offers. The rumor says that Neptune still hasn't accepted one sponsorship in spite of constantly receiving impressive offers from major companies, e.g., the snack+food company, Rainbow, which actually, to Neptune's surprise, turned out to be Fracture's first sponsor.

Here is a snapshot pic of Fracture's latest tv commercial.

Sponsorship deal with Rainbow Chips includes an unlimited
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ATTN LABELS: 2 free ad spaces for the Subvert Zine
I know the Zine has been a long time coming... had to shelve it for all of December pretty much. anyhow, it should be done by the end of this week!

i'm going to make space for 2 small 1/4 page ads. if any of you labels wants some free publicity here you go.

they have to be to me by Friday, and i'm going to pick the best 2 ads based solely on general appearance so that everyone has a fair shot. the labels i originally had in mind were Subtle Audio and SC:Advance, but if you're a Subvert
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Very very clever/nice ad

and the best thing is that it doesn't use any £9084848,98 fancy special effect
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The Link/Fast Show ad
'Have you ever done it hands free, sir? Ohh!'

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My New Viagra Ad Campaign
instead of the traditional marketing ploys...i think a new tagline on the box is required....

"Cant get her lit? Take a rake of Sex Pellets"
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tayto crisps ad
there is an ad for tayto crisps on here at the moment, its an animated affair but its somewhat disturbing

it opens with mr tayto galavanting around his animated castle extolling the virtues of quality potatoes, he himself being a gigantic walking pototao. by way of demonstrating the quality of his product he lifts his hat off his head, intially im thinking to display his fine royaly shaped potato dome...but no.

Mr Tayto leaps skyward into a revolving fan of death on the ceiling slicing off
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Pepsi Funny Ad
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New Girlfriend dot com ad
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New Irn Bru Ad

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