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Fresh SubVersion idea for 2011. Algebra, psychokinesis, sound theory, mixed into 26 genre-based articles. A companion mix every time. Extends TDD, 15 Minutes Of Fame and DE projects.


We're starting with: Armless Salvation - Ambient beyond 2011, by Muttley.

It's 38 minute, 50 sample collage will be online at the weekend.

Until then, feedback welcome Smile

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Algiversal Mix 2: Busdriver And The Bustling Lyrics Of Mr. ShaoDow
[Image: http://images.ukfestivalguides.com/galle...odow_1.jpg]

ShaoDow, in hiphop, there's a democratic acceptance for rapping about girls, clubs, bouncing crowds, 100 dollar bills or similar, associative grandeur. How do you feel your music fits or subverts this background?

Music is all about expression, creating, emphasising and/or improving a vibe is all part of the job description.

In my opinion the whole money, clubs, girls angle is all well and goo

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