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Good times crew where you at?
Been some good nights out lately here in the metro-Detroit area. Caught Bugz in the Attic last thursday. On saturday I saw rudeboy ragga junglist General Malice. Then I caught Mike Huckaby and Louie Vega at an afterparty for five bucks. After all the "burn bati-boy" vocalisms of General Malice it was humorous to me to be at a house gig where the percentage of shirtless gayboys was quite high. Huckaby dropped some of the deepest tribal techno sounds I've heard in a good long time and I was g
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what are you looking at?
I am overlooking the river bank, a sprawl of seagulls, cars driving off and on...

what about you?
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Where's the Voodoo People at?
(crossposted, sorry, hehe)

Been a while since I seriously listened to a good chunk of Prodigy & stayed up last night just listening thru all their damn tunes again. Holy trip.

Saw these guys when I was 15 before I was even raving & my brain was transported to another dimension (haha).

YOUR LOVE/CHARLY has to be my fave release by them & one of my faves of all time.

NME reported a few months back of a new album called, "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned'." Anyone heard anything off
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Where the Streetteam forum at?
As i'm blind Cool

can anyone tell me where i can find the Streettean Forum,
haven't seen it for months,
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The feeling of growing old/Where the hell is Odyssey at?
I just thought about it today....

odyssey - object / ritual ( deep blue mix ) was released some six years ago.
...so where's S. Donohue at nowadays? I miss this type of stuff....

and to those causing a 3.9/5
Wack Wack Wack
you are a hater
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Bump crew where ya at?
if some of you can be so nice to bump this thread it will be highly appreciated :d


maby it would be a good idea to have a special bumpin thread where the bump soldiers can see what to bump,
if we act like a little army there will be more promotion for everyone involved Falcon
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Where is the fat man at?
don't know if you interested but Foxnews states Fats Domino is missing

my best wishes for all affected by this human drama taking place in the US Icon_sad

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how's the weather wherever you're at?
so i guess it's 11:42 am eh? well it's 2:43 am here....and it's cold as fuck. and im pissd drunk. hope u guys are all at work being miserable. im gonna smoke a lot of weed and listen to charles mingus as i pass out Grin . oh yah, im excited too.... 2 days till i get to get really fat and eat pie n turkey n shit. Icon_yippee
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Time for a Subversive Debate! Vinyl/Mp3 where are things at?
From what I can see at the moment, we need some drastic action to get things moving for the Subvert Central affliated labels and others whose sound we like around here.

As everyone is aware, there is soooooo much gunk on the market, it's easy for people to miss out on music they would like. Couple that with the fact that vinyl is becoming less attractive for some and you are fighting a losing battle to sell them a release.

There was talk about setting up a shop before, which would beco
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logo designers where you at?
Im looking for logo designers please hit me up with your portfolios

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