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[drill/breakcore/rave] Segment I EP (bandcamp)
[Image: http://f0.bcbits.com/z/24/95/2495252774-1.jpg]


I've a couple of >= 150 <= 180 bpm drilly breakbeat tracks in an ep on my bandcamp page:


Check it out if interested!

In the coming days there also will be a free downloadable release on upitup with slower tracks ranging from hip hop inspired beats to melancholic idm in 7/4.


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[breakbeat-idm] Dertien (new album on my bandcamp)
[Image: http://f0.bcbits.com/z/25/88/2588610346-1.jpg]


I've collected a bunch of tongue in cheek braindancy-idm-breakbeat tracks in a bandcamp album.

Check it here:



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Jonas - Hip Hop inspired album on my bandcamp sooon!
Ey yo,

Currently finishing up an album I'll un-hide on bandcamp this weekend featuring a bunch of slower tempo beats, skits and tracks I've made over the years. A hybrid mix of hip hop inspired stuff and electronica. In 4 of the tracks, I've teamed up with my main man Smile Sinkmusic from Kvr, who provided some exquisite drumkit samples for me to mangle and use ( http://waveshaper.12r.org/ ).

Check out the album teasers here:

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[bandcamp] Birthday EP (jungle, rave, breakbeat, breakcore, d&b)
[Image: http://f0.bcbits.com/z/36/82/3682082774-1.jpg]


I've just put up a free downloadable ep on my bandcamp page featuring some of my favorite tracks from my other bandcamp albums and a unreleased bonus track. Get it here if interested Smile :


Input 0.00 for the pricing and a free dl slot will open.


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[bandcamp/idm-breakbeat] Rorschachs bermuda shorts
My mate Forlon has a new album out, check it out here if you like acid squelches & melancholic melodies on top of breakbeat goodness!

[Image: http://f0.bcbits.com/z/50/42/504272622-1.jpg]

Get it here:

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Dub-One bandcamp
Hi All,
I thought id let you know that ive set up a bandcamp page so that i can sell some of my old tracks that never saw the light of day

Currently there are 3 tracks up that are priced at £1.50 each


Black Magic
Dubwize with no comprimize
Fatal flying guilotine

I will be uploading more throughout the week Smile
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Foundation X on bandcamp
Massive update with loads of tracks uploaded Smile

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Sb81 productions - new 8 track ep on bandcamp
Ok, so I've taken some time out to get some of my new Drum & Bass stuff on Bandcamp for purchase. There's 7 tracks in total!

These have been kept on a downlow for only a short while, and 2 of them were only finished just the weekend, so they are very much exclusive to the store!

Just a small bio (a full one will be coming soon) - [COLOR=#999999][FONT=Lucida Grande]Shaun Bateman has been producing music since 2003, and DJ'ing from around 1998 under the name 'Nolige'. 2013 sees Shaun take thing'
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OUT NOW: Enjoy - Layering Errors CD - Exclusively on bandcamp


The Italian Jungle and drumfunk expert, Enjoy, is back with an explosive set of heart stopping rhythms. For those that know Enjoy's sounds, you’ll recognise the clever detailed breaks that fans of his have grown to love. With a mixture of his own compositions as well as joint works created with his long time partner Dany, under the Blunt Needles alias; this LP is destined to go down in history as a classic example of how to make jungle bre
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Jonas - De Bokkenrijder (bandcamp album / glitchy, sample-based conspiracy beats)
[Image: http://f0.bcbits.com/img/a0821249835_2.jpg]


Proud to present you this free/name your price selection of cut-up, glitchy sample based beats & instrumentals. Some beats were made as track ideas for a Hip Hop/funk/jazz project (De Beloning) I'm producing for (vinyl out end of April this year), some are influenced by *insert conspiracy theory* I've been reading about on the internets last year. With an abundance of bonus mat

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