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AT LAST - CD Burner bizness......
I will be getting hold of my CD burner AT LAST tomorrow.

Who wants a CD?

On the list from before:

DJ Fucoza

New additions:

Alpha Omega (I won't forget the special ingredient for you Wink )
Code (the new Macc stuff)

So let me know.

Bear in mind it will take me a good ten years to burn them all................

And say if you want mp3 or audio, puh-leeeese.
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Paul Reset:Unwind Radio Archive (9/8/04) - Mp3 bizness
Well for those that missed it live on http://www.club246.com - you can check out the archive below...nice range of styles covered in the mix. Big thanks to ESB for having me on the show - and hope ya like the mix!


"The Unseen" - Fanu (Subtitles)
"Machines" - Corrupt Souls (?)
"Move Right" - Phace (Leet)
"Loaded" - Soulproof (Timewave Audio)
"Arcadia" - ICR
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T-Power's new label - Substance - some experimental bizness!
According to Bailey, T-Power's started a new label especially for deeper, more experimental beats, sounds very promising indeed, as the clip below (Viper Squad - Vendetta)illustrates, would still like to hear a good quality version of it, but there's some well nice ideas in it and it progresses like a demon! Lovesmilie

I suggest some subverts get demos in to T-Power tout suite!! Grin
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[url]www.leetradio.com[/url] NOW for some moody tech bizness!!
Que tal SC... tonight on Deep Drums we have a special guest mix from Xplizit, bringing a bunch of hot unsigned goodies for those neuronerds and I'll be dropping some classic teebee/klute/stakka&skynet/d-bridge for your listening pleasure... Hit me up in the chatroom for current tracklist.
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Mini Mix from me - Dillinja - The Logic Year (1994 bizness!)
Was a bit bored tonight, so I decided to do a little mix consisting of all the releases on Dillinja's 94 label Logic, so many good tunes on this, and so some diversity (for a label with only three releases anyway), from the smooth subtlety of the Deep Love remix to the tear out amen insanity of You Don't Know - it's all there! It's only 20 minutes, so it's the ideal soundtrack for having a bath, cooking your dinner, or whatever else takes 20 minutes, so sir back, download, listen, and enjoy a ma
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Doc Scott & Klute Metalheadz bizness Brighton sat 29.10.05
Yahoo - its all about the heads tomorrow night when they hit Brighton for their album tour....
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Chopper Bizness Promos still in stores
For any of you that aren't familiar with my tunes give this one a go if you've not heard it already, my latest couple of tunes on Dread. As you'd guess they're pretty battering tunes but have some cheeky chops in there!

Chopper Bizness

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Hidden Sound Drumfunk Bizness , Sounds of the City 2/8/2006
First run-through on my live show - every wednesday 6-8AM on 88.9 FM in Southern California - of the next big drumfunk mix I'm working on. Had ideas runnin through my head all week and this was the result. I think the mixing is as good as Fanu's Grin A lot of different combinations I still need to try, and definitely gonna fit some more tracks in there, but this is very, very cool still.

Check it! Feedback, suggestions, and possible combination welcome Icon_eek

1. Breakage - Comatose
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HMCRLP001 Gettin Down 2 Bizness
hey look spam. a few tracks on this you kids might dig. czech it oot.

Here's My Card Records

[Image: http://ca.heresmycardrecords.com/12inch/lp001.gif]

HMCRLP001 Gettin Down 2 Bizness

We've gone back on our word to only release biz card cd-rs and we've released our very first 12inch! 6 hard hitting tracks from both sides of the Atlantic, with styles ranging from breakcore to gabba to dnb to plunder mash-ups. WOOO!

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ableton live trigger finger bizness
right, i'm getting well pissed off with ableton live and my trigger finger right now coz i'm a n00b with all this shit and i can't get my trigger finger pads to trigger my drum hits in impulse. the hits are set to trigger on C3 and up but the pads on the trigger finger are C1 and up.

i can't see how to do it in the midi mapping mode, can map anything else except these fucking hits, any ideas on how to sort this before i throw the trigger finger through my monitor?!

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