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crystl back in the game!
so what do you make of this? new tune in the works, and (as we talked about before) remixes of warpdrive, let it roll, etc. i'm glad someone else didn't remix 'em.
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DJ Crystl's return?
Author: DJ ML - Replies: 5 - Views: 471

DJ CRYSTL returns to Drum n Bass Grin

I have it from a very good source that the man is back!!

A Warpdrive 2003 remix is finished and 3-4 DJs will have it on dubplate within the next 2 weeks.

Crystal is back in the studio alongside DJ HADES (Flex fm London / Londonliveand direct.com)
DJ Hades is a close friend of his and says the tune is HEAAAAVY!!

Have not heard the tune myself but going on his past classics it has got to be a good tune, will pr
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DJ Crystl question?
I've just found 183 by Crystl on vinyl for dirt cheap... what does it sound like and is it worth buying??? can't seem to find a sound clip..
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DJ Crystl
dj crystl - your destiny / sweet dreams (deejay 016)

£6.50 @ http://www.vinylconnection.com/default.asp

if anyone orders it please post below

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
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Crystl Warpdrive 2003 remix
Loxy played it on saturday here in Belgium: BAD!!! Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek
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Dj Crystl
Who can fill me in with any info?

Who's he doing d+b with these days - is it Equinox?

Is the Warpdrive thing the cut-up Amen thing with the BC reece noise minus the original breakdown?

Has anyone heard any of his other new shit if it exists yet?

And WHY has he decided to return to d+b?

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just wondering, is he a good dj?
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DJ Crystl - Let It Roll 2003/4 RMX
i've not hear this rmx of him....the original is my favorite one got it on 12''...but I recommed that some peepz of you do have heard this remix..played most now by Photek coz he's doing a tour... Twisted peepz that hear the rmx..can you tell me how this tune is?!?! Heard that is was a GROUNDBREAKING AND A FLOORKILLAh...TELL ME?!?!?!How does it sounds??? especialy 2 peepz that heard this...

Warp Drive (2003/4( RMX )is >> Twisted Icon_evil Twisted Icon_evil

Big up 2 the DJ Crystl..
Author: DarkCrystal - Replies: 42 - Views: 2007
DJ Crystl signed Photek Productions!!!!!
It Signed Photek Teebee And DJ Crystl!!!!

look for the new website: http://www.photekproductions.com

And see All info...and Tjek the Bio+Picture of CRYSTL!!!

Big Up Yahh All

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