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Had never heard this 12" but had heard people talking about the "Nubian Minds" track by Mr. Omega a bit recently... so I was pretty pleased to find it @ a record fair in Limerick (of all places!!!!!) last Saturday...

I really like the "Nubian Minds" track but it's the B side "Dark Dimension" that really gets me going!!!! FUCK! That will be staying in the bag from now on... right beside my copies of "Realism", "Nightrain" (remix), "Sun People", "Jah Step" and "Don't Belive The Hyp
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My brain went to another dimension...pay close attention.
Hello all. Sorry for the abrupt deptarture but just about 3-4 weeks ago I had excruciating abdominal pain and had to be rushed to the emergency room. It is a long story and don't feel like going into all the details at the moment but I will say I spent 10 days in the local hospital while the local docs looked at each other in a confused manner and tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with me. They knew I had an intestinal blockage but didn't know what to do about it. So I transferred mysel
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[xgn005] Beatokko - New Dimension EP
[xgn005] Beatokko - New Dimension EP

our 5th release is out... and its our 1st EP!

a1. new dimension
a2. mutant pt.1
a3. southwest
b1. hi res
b2. darkness (mutant pt.2)

"This 5 track EP by the talented Beatokko, takes us on a journey through drum and bass, from deep, 'space like' pads, bangin' basslines to driving, rolling drums, with crazy, mechanical sounding edits."

imo this is one real nice EP.
Any subvert DJ's feel free to use any tracks in your mixes and
big up anyone s
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Danny Breaks - Outer Dimension EP
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Imagining the tenth dimension
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Fourth-Dimension records live tonight!!!! Choppage!!!
Ez crew!!! Just a short one to let you lot know that im live tonight on http://www.ukbassradio.co.uk 9-11(bst) with the Federation show. Gona be busting some of my new beatz i been working on & some Dubplates from Senses, Chris INP, Girimm, Profane, Dub-one & many more! So choon in crew & say ello. Peace!!!! Twisted
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It's a new dimension in sound... STEREO!
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Space Dimension Controller
this dude is making some absolute quality beats, check his FACT mag mix available here, http://www.factmag.com/2010/02/22/fact-m...ontroller/ - a lot of his own tunes there, so much emotion!
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+ Dimension Intrusion + .. house techno & ting
Suburban Knight's - "The Art of Stalking" - Transmat Records - 1990


oi, Subvert Central, so this is the house & techno music thread. cool?

old & new. ANY and ALL eras.

whatcha digging?

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Omni Music presents Deskai with an EP of beautifully crafted artcore beats. Deskai is right at home on Omni Music with his thoughtful atmospheres, graceful melodics and captivating beats. Carving out sounds from the multiverse; he keeps both mind and feet happy as his music delves deep into transcendental frequencies. As always, Omni Music are going to be keeping an ear out for what he cooks up in his sonic laboratory next, and then unleash more musical

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