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Wikked drums from Germany!~
Barth - Schizophrenic/Cyclotron

Wow! Just got this 12" in the post from my booking/promotions agency. Was quite impressed to say the least! Very Paradox/Torus/Seiji inspired ie: Reinforced of 96-99 sound.
Tight angular drum edits all over the place with loads of creepy pads and eerie strings abound. Highly recommended if your into any of the above.

here are some soundclips
Author: Naphta - Replies: 21 - Views: 3230
Panning drums
Do ye? And one channel or two?

I tend to go for non-panned, one channel per break (sometimes doubling up because of limited availability of compressers...), but I'd be curious to hear of what others of yez do...
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Fanu: Defunct Drums' Depression Decade
Yo peeps!

I'm new to this board and I can promise you that this tune, although my first on this board, will not be the last one you'll see from me.

Check it out....some Kool and the Gang 2003 revamp business!

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Photeks drums (back in the good old days)
Anyone reckons the effect he puts on his drums in tunes like the hidden camera and hybrid is a chorus?
Author: Michal - Replies: 25 - Views: 1819
playing drums
I was thinking about getting lessons for drums, is it very hard to get a hold of? i wont have anyone to jam with or lern from after i would finish the course and get a hold of basics, so im afraid i get bored of it just jamming by myself.

Author: INITIAL2 - Replies: 11 - Views: 518

Im in the market to buy a set of these loverly things. (TD8/TD10 Only)

Can everyone keep an eye out for any ads/people selling them and PM them to me??

Mucho Apreciato

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Macc: You use way too much DRUMS
I got your new CD.

Honestly, Macc, I don't think it would sell.

It doesn't have any catchy hooks.
I didn't catch any vocals in your tunes either.
Your music is a bit weird to me.
Maybe we could plan doing some collaborations with better-known artists, such as Madonna or Elton John, to get you some publicity value?
I could ask some producers for some musical ideas?

I think you should have more melodies too.
I suggest you spend your earnings on a synth and try coming up with some nic
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Bernard Purdie - Soul Drums!
Finally got the LP!!!






Author: pez - Replies: 5 - Views: 403
Birmingham crew! Tomorrow night! Here Come the Drums!!
It's not all about the all nighter you know! Tomorrow at the Medicine Bar in Brum, we've got an evening devoted to all that is choppy, fucked up and dubtastic! DJs on the night are:

Pace (Kool Live)
Ed:t (Here Come the Drums)
Kymatik (Trisect, Kool Live)
Wilsh (Technicality, Traffic)
Pez (OBK)

Microphone duties will be performed by MC Zigga

Did I mention that it was free??? That's free, as in no money!

Get your asses down there, would be good to see some subverts representing!
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New Ragga >>> Urban Drums dub clips 4 DL
2003 was a somewhat productive year for me. The .mp3 quality is shit but feel free to comment if it would please you.

For more info, hit up Based On Bass and drop u

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