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different environment
sometimes it's a nice change to not play in the usual club environment! check this out:


believe me, the whole thing looked absolutely amazing!
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how to make logic ignore a midi input using the environment
how to make logic ignore a midi input using the environment

this has been driving me nuts for ages and then i figured it out and its bloody obvious...

i wanted to filter out a port from logic so i could run the nm editor at the same time, easy on pc as you can edit win.ini's [logic ] section but on os x i had no idea but this method will work on any system with logic!

for some reason i didnt have a "physical input" object in my click and ports environment layer so i addded one and remo
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'George W. Bush' on the environment et alia
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My all new Logic MIDI environment!
Check this out!


Its only Logic 5 now, I've got only Express 7 on my mac, and you can create macros with that version, but will convert it to 7.

Based on the SwiftKick Toolkit, there is an example macro for a MIDI LED meter, I just add PAN control, Volume faders and Mute buttons, so finally I've got a great looking MIDI mixer.

I've made 4 of it, cause my MT4 has 4 outs, so this virtual mixing "console" c

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