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evil in the eyes / actually the whole damn face
[Image: http://www.ananova.com/images/web/53583.jpg]
real pic - no doctoring - yikes

sorry for those of you that like this guy - but this new pic was just too much for me to take. Cool
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Apart from Starchasers and a coupla other 4hero tracks what else has this little lady put her magnificent voice to?!
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The origin of the Smiley face
A few weeks ago, my usual sources having come up dry, I convinced a reporter to post this question in USA Today. Overcome by wickedness, however, I phrased it, "who invented the smiley face, and did he do time for it?" Not that I actually thought the responsible party should be imprisoned, of course; I'd settle for 20 years' house arrest in a room wallpapered with smileys. Be that as it may, I got a few calls, made a few more, and now can confidently assign credit and/or blame.

The smiley fac
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[New Song (Pre)released] - Meng Qi - In The Face Of The Memo
[New Song (Pre)released] - Meng Qi - In The Face Of The Memory (For Spinwarp Battle Of The Beats 2004)

And there will be direct download link @ http://mengqi.tk after several dayz .

A Progressive And Intelligent Drum n'Bass Track

Composing/Arrangement/Mixing/Vocal By Meng Qi

This is another song prereleased for Spinwarp Battle Of The Beats 2004 .
(The other one is "Dnb In The Rain" , also for spinwarp comp
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Mix to download - 'Face the Future'
Here is a mix I originally did for a mate who doesn't buy vinyl, so there is some recent-ish stuff, some deeper bits at the end as well...enjoy!

P.S Mods sorry for posting in the main forum, can u leave for a couple of days before moving it? Smile

http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~jp262/Fa...future.mp3 (192 MP3 so quite big).

1. Digital - Get Away - Bassbin
2. Fracture and Neptune - Normality Complex pts 1 & 2 - Offshore/Ohm
3. Nucleus - Return to Forever - Reinforce
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history lessons. the face and id magazine, 1994-96 on jungle
i posted this ages ago on doa, and i was cleaning up my server space and found them again. about three years ago i was lucky to find 5 boxes of face & id magazines from 1990 onwards at this garage sale. the lady was just getting rid of them, and asked me to make an offer. basically i got a whole decade and a half of magazines for $25. i found some classic old articles about dnb in a few of them, and scanned and pdf'ed them. here they are for all you guys. really great history lessons here. make
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Wobbly face fun with a digital camera.... scary!
hahahahahahahaha!!!! check this out....

get your mate to take a close up photo of your face, while they're taking the photo you shake your head from side to side like a mad man and let your face relax....

The Result is this (it's me btw):
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My face hurts
after seeing a girl for not even a week I suddenly find out that she's attached, possibly married with 2 kids, has a burly bastard of a bloke who lamped me one right in the eye. Not sure what to do about it really. The left side of my face is a bit numb as well
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Online casino tattoos woman's face

"A Utah woman has become the latest asset in online gambling outfit GoldenPalace.com's eBay preposterous purchase portfolio after accepting $15,000 dollars to have the casino's name permanently tattooed on her forehead.

Karolyne Smith joins the Virgin Mary toasted cheese sandwich and other assorted tat for which Golden Palace has shelled out gambling punters' hard-lost cash.

Back in February, an amply-endowed
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First ever face transplant

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