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Dark Actors playing games
Watching the news about the death of David Kelly has made me absolutely sickened to be living in a country where this can happen although I'm aware that we're not the only one in the world. I personally don't think that he was the mole in the MOD anyway and that he was just a man under a savage amount of stress who was being lent on by some right bastards in that select commitee. Did you see the way that he was being questioned? It was as if they'd already made up their minds that he was th
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woo!! my krew and i just won the vodafone games challenge!
bsically we made a game for the latest gen of mobiles, specifically the sharp GX family and we beat over 300 entries worldwide with our superior game. Smile

Grin Grin Grin Grin

now we get a 6month contract with vodafone to sell our game where we get 50% of the earnings.. at AU$7 a game and currently 15million users on vodafone live... that could be very cool and i might be visiting you all shortly in my round the world trip.. hehe.. but its still a dream, as we still dont know the exzct earnings
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flash games
these are quite nice



my record in the santa throwing is 348.3.. Grin
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One for the games heads .......
Anyone owning a copy of Manhunt ......... Twisted

I never knew i was so sick in the head until now, i love killing people ..... its like a hobby to me now.
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Friday morning hangover games
figth g.w and company. hours of fun Teef


now post yours.
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How do you play NTSC games on an english(pal) playstation?
Got an american game-Tony Hawk Underground2- which is NTSC but doesn't work on my pal ps2.

How do I sort this?

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Geeks: free experimental games for download
have you checked out http://www.experimentalgameplay.com ? this has some amazingly odd things on it. All the games were written in under a week, check out The Crowd and the Rainy Day one Grin
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PC network games cru
any recommendations for killer shoot-em ups for pc networking where it's real (or semi-real Chin) people versus evil bots? *note - online play not possible JEDIcrying

i'm sooooooo sick of going round to a mate's and having to put up with unreal fucking tourna-shite Roll
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Fave Card Games
Mine are canasta, rummy and pontoon. Smile
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With all this talk of Games Consoles...
I felt I should unveil my latest project...

Introducing STAXBOX

[Image: http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/1327/staxbox.jpg]

A revolution in home entertainment.

• with 3.6 Gigashits of Total Immersion™ processing
• 360º rotating, 3 dimensional exterior wood casing.
• 400 quids worth of diodes and solder (not including the stuff I wasted on welding spoons together)
• Unique Jelly Bean dispensing controller helmet.
• Satellite connection transmiting

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