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ATTN: all radio show hosts
it really pisses me off when i miss a good show due to the fact that i simply forget that it's on or that i can't make it home on time.

so... i want to compile a list of all weekly/monthly shows and make an excel sheet that pops up everytime i start the computer, so there's no more missing out on good tunage.
could everyone be so kind and post times/weekdays of your shows? Smile

thanks a lot. oh, and sorry if this has been done before Oops
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Streaming Net Radio Hosts - your opinions appreciated
Sorry not a D'n'B thing, but people on here may be able to help me out.
My local collection of knob twiddling noise monkeys, Axe gods and audio scientists want to start streaming our wares online in the coming months and we need to find a decent streaming host.
Probably looking at a 2 hour slot each week, plus some preprepared programming between times.
Any recommendations out there?
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ATTN ALL: Reminder to delete subvertcentral from HOSTS file
Today, after a year at our current colocator, Arnie will move the server to his work (10 Mbit line) to be able to monitor it and fix things (it crashes a bit too much to our fancy) while at the same time we will investigate options for a better colocator (better routing, more bandwidth, decent price)
Scheduled downtime will be about 2-4 hours starting about or just before 12pm GMT (altho we hope it to be as short as possible)

I know this is already in the sticky at the top of the forum, but.

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