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ICR mp3 clips
sorry for the self-promo again, its just a little showcase of my recent works. for those who are interested... thanks

AOL instant messenger: eatsayair
impulsecreator: http://www.drumandbass.hu

released 2003/02: Exercise.01 mixed by DJ Dara
feat. "Stolen Symmetry" & "Rock The Sky" (BBS)
released 2003/03: Rock The Sky / Stolen Symmetry (Orgone 011)
released 2003/09: Basswerk Sessions #2 feat. "Wide Awake" (BW-CD02)
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Nerve present an exclusive Mp3 release from ICR...
Nerve Recordings in association with Beatport are proud to present an exclusive MP3 only release from Hungary's ICR.

First up is "Words" - driven along by crisp clean breaks and smooth, lush atmospherics. A pounding sub line soon appears to back this up, followed by some amazing synth work before dropping to an eerie vocal breakdown. Tough, dancefloor dnb with a slightly deeper edge..

Next up is "Arcadia" - a full on, spacey roller, sure to be appreciated by fans of the old Audio Blueprint
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ICR (vs Kenji Kawai) - INNOCENCE *clip
Didnt want to copy the idea of the infamous Makai 'Beneath The Mask' and maybe its out of place to touch a masterpiece but I just felt I must to this to see how Kenji Kawai sounds in d&b once again.
Samples taken from GiTS Innocence OST. Its quite fast (182 bpm) but wanted to keep the original pitch.


4mins, 64k mono mp3 clip

out now:
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ICR showcase mix
Well, I've been hearing ICR's work for quite a while now - and IMO he's one of the best producers around in dnb at the mo - effortlessly covering each little sub genre of dnb effortlessly - from liquid rollers to deep n dark bizness right up to hard as ya like smashers…so I decided to put this mix together to showcase some of his work - with his blessing of course…check it out if you get a mo - and let us know what you think

For more info on ICR and releases etc - [url]http://www
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ICR - The Public Diary (DOWNLOADABLE LP)
Being on the forefront of Hungary's d&b online magazine Impulsecreator for more than 5 years now and producing over this period ICR managed to release tunes on quality labels such as Breakbeat Science, Orgone (Rock The Sky/Stolen Symmetry), Basswerk (Wide Awake), Nerve (Words/Arcadia), Offshore (Change Inside) and Good Looking (Splashdown on Progression Sessions Germany). This year hopefully brings more chance to emerge his talents with forthcoming bits on Fokuz, Nerve, Covert Operations and mor
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ICR- The Public Diary is fucking fantastic!
for real, this makes me want to give up producing...i've had it on repeat for days and it just keeps getting better (and therefore my tunes sound worse Grin )...thanks ICR for making this, distributing it, and pushing me to make better music!
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ICR - Words (remixes) - Mp3 release - out now!
We're proud to announce a new exclusive release from Nerve through Beatport.com

ICR takes his classic "Words" and ups the dancefloor ante - hard, crushing beats and smooth production are the order of the day.

New Scottish producer Lowbrow is welcomed to the Nerve stable and takes the track down a deep, rollin route..

Available to buy on MP3/4/WAV at

The Nerve shop @ Beatport - click here....
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Nerve forthcoming..ICR, Cartridge, Pyro etc - audio inside
Thought we'd give everyone a wee preview of what we've got lined up for Nerve towards the end of 2005..

Promo's of Basic Ops & Chino on Nerve 17 should be about in the next month so we thought we'd unveil what we had lined up for the end of the year...

For release 18 we're very proud to unleash two dancefloor stormers from ICR. "Fill the Sky" drops like a hammer onto a glass floor, pounding industrial-esque darkness which harks back to the golden 97/98 era of dnb."Skanner" on the flip take
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ICR unsigned MP3 clips update
deleted post
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ICR - Daytrip LP - Available for purchase NOW!
[Image: http://www.cov-ops.co.uk/releases/images/icrcover.jpg]

We're proud to anounce the first debut full length CD album on Covert Operations, by none other than the prolific ICR. Covering a vast range of styles and sounds, Daytrip is going to be an LP you'll be talking about and listening to for years to come.

There's 14 tracks (including interludes) that span 74 minutes of aural pleasure. This is gonna be a CD only release, with vinyl versions of a handful of the tracks avai

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