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Pieter K interview

q: what releases do you have slated for your own label, metaformal recordings? also tell us a bit about your planned ep to be released in the future.
a: as of this writing, the label is in complete limbo. the usual…distribution problems. the e.p. is also in limbo. i'd like to put it out…actually, i'm dying to put it out because i really believe in the music that's on it. there's a track by a more or less total newcomer from
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Attn the man like Pieter K
got your package my friend.

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Pieter K - Fidelity
right up my alley !!!

Falcon Falcon


loving the b-line...reminds me of krust at his best......Xyxthumbs
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FAO Pieter K
o.k so after last nights rants and whinings i have put yer cds in my machine.


like this one, nice beats, nice percussion and great grunge bass-line. I wish Krust would still do tunes this good.

2. Four hands

nice. Great fucking beats and i like the whispered vocals. Much more tuneful than the rest of the breaks gang!! some of sounds are a bit too synthy for me but i like.


right up my alley son!!jesus your beat programming is good.c
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Petition for a Pieter K and Blue collaboration.....
Sign below......
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Pieter K - All Things
Such an emotive track...fantastic! Just wondering, what is the theme of the song & what is the narrative discussing?
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TA !!
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Pieter K - Everything all the time LP
Hi all, first post 'n everything Smile

Does anyone know where I can buy this LP in the UK?

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O.k so i'm back.
Hello there fathers...

Father blue has returned.


i need to buy a "i love Dublin" t-shirt.

big up the Irish massive every fucking time.
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Attn Punter + Pieter K
Pissright Punter Pieterk Pissleft

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