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Bob Clearmountain Kit List !!
Author: john doe - Replies: 2 - Views: 621
missing topic about M-audio & BT and what kit he used...

who opened this topic?
was it logos?

i cant remember and i sure as hell cant find it...
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.... less stuff for transportation = smaller booking fees like whoa!!!!!!!!!

Drums Xyxthumbs
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cardbury wonderbar (kit-kat remix)
essential remix of the year!

buy on sight baby~!
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You have a drum kit but not the money for a drummer???
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Kit Kat Editions are...
too fecking small.

But the quality of the caramel almost makes up for it - soooo much tastier than the Twix's shoddy excuse for caramel.

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Kit Kat
ooooooooohhh shit!

having one now with a cup of tea and it's rocking my world!!!

fuck all the new silly flavours... its all about the original! they should bring back the foil wrapper too.
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Kit Kat Editions Red Berry
top drawer!

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just bought a drum kit..
got meself a cheap drum kit last weekend its pretty basic but good enuff for me. (complete beginner Oops )..
can anyone give me some pointers or tips to get me goin???

how to hold the drum sticks, seating postion, drum set-up and so on.

the kit comprises of: 1X kick drum, 1X snare, 1Xfloor tom, 2X other toms, 1X hat (open & close one!!!) 2X crash cymbal and a cowbell...with a few sets of drum sticks.

thanks in advance. Drums Icon_yippee
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Happy Worker Kit

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