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100% Legal Underground MP3 Music Downloads
If you're a producer and you're interested in selling your music from our Mp3 downloads website please get in touch.


Vibration Records Ltd is proud to boast we are the first and only MP3 download site in the world to offer our artists/labels self managed accounts giving producers the chance to:

• Get their music out through an outlet without a record deal.
• No tying down contracts you cant get out of.
• Simple and straight forward to set
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free movies torrent free & legal

Public Domain:

The status of publications, products, and processes that are not protected under patent or copyright.
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dubstep and legal downloads
i want to buy some dubstep online (mp3, flac, whatever) but don't know where. don't want to buy records since i don't know where to store another genre (Hahaha). also recommendations on what to buy, please. i don't know much about dubstep besides the breezeblock dubstep warz and the burial and boxcutter cds i have. thx.
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native instruments: legal plugins besides cracked plugins
quoting my question i asked on audionews, maybe someone here knows as well:

Quote:hi, i was wondering if any of you KNOW THE EFFECT OF running legal NI plugins besides illegal plugins.
i'm going to buy guitar rig 3, cuz it became such an important factor in my setup, which means i will have to activate it through the activation center. i'm just wondering if the activation center COULD INTERFERE WITH "not so legal" NI plugins.

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Piratebay - The legal stuff.


just one of many emails up there, this is one between Fred and the White Stripes legal people........


> Dear Frederik,

It's spelled "Fredrik".

> We would refer you to our notification of yesterday's date regarding
> the above, the contents of which are self-explanatory (hereinafter
> referred to as the "Notification"), to which we have yet to receive
> the
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where can i buy legal 320kbps mp3's
and pay by switch (maestro) seems to b an ongoing problem for me Icon_sad
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@ legal heads / landlord problems
A member of my immediate family is in a bit of a fix.

She rented a flat around my way, on a 6 months lease.
From Masons, but a particular guy owns the property in question.

Basically he wont give the deposit back due to the supposed state of the flat after the lease being 'the worse he has ever seen'.
He has told Masons housing that he needed a 'whole team of cleaners' to fix up the awful mess in the small 1 bedroom flat.

Now this is absolute bollocks, I know as I helped clear the pos
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My brand new daytime show on the fully legal rinse 106.8 fm.
Every Friday 11:00-14:00 GMT on Rinse 106.8 FM / http://www.rinse.fm you can catch me playing the very best in 88-98 with toppa top guests for the last hour of the show poppin in every week for a chat and a mix / mc..

I have only been doing the show since mid March, so far its been going really well and the response has been amazing.. I am trying to get guests in from all sides of our scene so if you can think of any future guests or ideas for the show please let me know in this t

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