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Why are we here and what's the meaning of life?
Put your subversive minds in a paradoxial state of thinking and answer this one for me please.

Thank you. Roll
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What's the album that you've listened to most in your life?
Following on from a discussion in Fanu's thread about DJ Shadow. Mine is Arcturus - La Masquerade Infernale

[Image: http://www.interpunk.com/itemimages2/28442.jpg]

Such an amazing piece of music, merging the styles of black metal, musicals, jungle, trip hop and classical music, but all along a very similar theme of poetry, theatre and the devil albeit in a very flamboyant manner. I've listened to it so many times and still hear more other layers to the production and otherworldly vo
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Most influential/hard hitting time in your music life?
fuck dnb (unless it is of course) but lets fight the fags of dnb'ism, what got your goat?

mine was Adam and the Ants at the age of 9, everything else went pear shaped (noice :P) and fell into place after that.

but THE moment for me was hearing/seeing Nirvana for the first time, sounds tacky now but at the time most of you were just an itch in your Nike baseball caps.
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Proudest day of my life?
Latent Notion - Curse Of The Claw CD's arrived today....

god i am SO chuffed, this has been years in the making and i never would have thought when strike, myself and debbie started working together that it would come to this..

amazing to put a cd or your own music in itunes and it automatically comes up with all the names!! its the little things that count

im off to have a wank :P
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Why have I only just found pickle in my life?
Yeah yeah it's only Branstons but hardly a connoisseur after about 3 sandwiches with it in.

Making a great change from my sandwich combo of ham or chicken salad for the past 20 years of my life.

Macc... I'm waiting Teef
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Home made pizzas - where you been all my life?
Got a breadmaker over Christmas and decided I'd try making pizza bases in them. Why did it take me so long to try. Pizza's turned out legendary.

I control the salt, fat, sugar and all content. So went for Light mozzarella, small amount of olive oil, chicken, lean meat sausages and my own tomato sauce consisting of chopped tomatoes, chillis, garlic, small splash white wine and a smidge of oil.

Fucking spot on. Bases crisped up brilliantly, if a little thick on the first one I tried. Nice an
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Need some Ableton in your life? (Live Lite 8 going for cheap)
I've got one Ableton Live Lite 8 license I don't need.
I got it with my new soundcard and it's unregistered/unused.

Basically, the Lite version serves as a good way to get familiar with Live as well as a super cheap way to upgrade to the full version.
Check more here:

Anyone wanna buy it off me (basically you can DL the software from the net, but to register it, you need the code, which I have), drop me a line to [email]fanu@fanumusic.com

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