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Logos for Inperspective & Bassbin?
Can anyone hook me up with clean logos for Inperspective and/or Bassbin & Breakin? I need them asap for a flyer, any format is fine altho high-res or illustrator would be ideal.

Also, is Senses signed to Bassbin or Breakin?


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New Site Header / Logos
whatcha think ??

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Logos - 'In Rough Territory' mix
Hello all, here is a mix I did and wanted to share with you. Its in two parts 'cos I had major difficulties uploading it as one file Roll anyway...

(apologies to 4 Hero for the title Hahaha)

Logos - 'In Rough Territory'

Part 1

Arcon 2 - The Beckoning - Reinforced
Source Direct - The Cult (Remix) - Razors Edge
Sounds of Life - Hidden Rooms - Certificate 18
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Logos and UFO_OE
I haven't stuck yer records in the post yet because I am lazy and I've been out of action for the past 2 days due to a nasty cold. They are on the way though - will try and post em tomorrow.

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Logos, UFO_over_easy
pm me your addresses again. i cleared out my pms folder and deleted the original pms by mistake. records are waiting to go in the post.

logos, got record today, cheers Xyxthumbs

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Logos appreciation thread......
Big up yer bad self! Thanks for the cd im absolutely loving the gayrage......tis brilliant...was rinsin it when I was in london and my friend was loving it! In fact I think ive just about worn the cd out - brililant! some crackin tracks on it! more power to ya! Do you play out?!

Phokus.....Im really sorry I never got a cd to ya! u should have attacked me!
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Attn Logos
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Good Morning Logos!
Wave get to bed - you have work in the morning!! Icon_razz

bank holiday massive say sleep all day!! wooooooooohoooo!
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Attn Logos
off home in a bit

ring me later on if in doubt.. otherwise see you around ten

dylan's coordinating Xyxthumbs
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Attn: Logos and Statto

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