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McCoys Massive
Limited Edition Honey Roast Ham and Colman's Mustard flavour!!!

Eating the first one................



I'm getting Brannigans........ But with a juicier ham, and a DEFINITE Colman's mustard zing.

Lemme check with some more.

*further chomps*


Well done the McCoys boys!! Applause

They want to extend these to a full range - great stuff!
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McCoys Specials Rib Eye Peppered Steak Flavour

oh, right, mr mccoy, you want me to pay 5p extra for the same pissing flavour as your standard beef crisps, albeit with a smidgen of extra pepper and some vaaague hints of spice/curry (?? i swear i got a hint of that)?

fuck you, mr coy Icon_evil

[Image: http://www.pagefillers.com/sylv/drwho/gf...rsmall.jpg] Thumbd
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Snax alert: McCoys Rib Eye Steak - new black edition
firstly, i must confess; i'm not the snaxing legend i used to be. now that's over with, i'll proceed Lol

these badboys are bad. i'll have no critique here, they're heavy, with a big fat, non-maizey-fied h (and e, a, v etc).

anyway... i think they're cracking. they feel substantial and wholesome, something that's been lacking in crisps for too long imo. the taste is almost unique - note the subtle use of 'almost' there. you get value for money, and don't feel like a big spender when you p
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McCoys OXO Chicken & Stuffing flavour
New flavour.

Very nice.

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