Author: Krud - Replies: 2 - Views: 296
Over 300 mixes inside !!
austrians finest dnb-site,...

check http://www.drumandbass.at Icon_eek
Author: philly element - Replies: 1 - Views: 1498
2 mixes mp3 format LOADED WITH DUBS
2 new mixes added up to the server ! both are mp3 format

the 1 is live @ tech tuesdays our weekly night here in philly its called dj tags $ mc bishop k

the other is a live bassdrive show with a CDJ which means lots and lots n lots of fresh dubs from arqer n realtime ! motion theory paradox and many many others like pyro & vector burn

here is the link for both mixes


both mixes are live and they are complete freestyle since i n
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A bunch of really good mixes.

If you want your mix on this thread, PM me the link, the tracklisting, your dj name and the mix title. It's easy to be assimilated Borg
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26 mixes for cash- aphex
i know it came out a little bit ago - but i'm really lovin this album
some VERY nice tunes in here.
good shit Cool
Author: miklo - Replies: 1 - Views: 716
Miklo Tunes & Mixes inside
Hi! Allow me to introduce myself to this forum with the following pieces of music, for anyone who cares to listen:

Quite Lost

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Bambu Mixes for download!
bambu boups.com archive 26-12-2002
Version: mp3 Filesize: 22.59 MB
A mix of old and new tunes with a strong emphasis on drum programming...

01. kmc :: polaris :: timeless
02. q project & spinback :: mars :: timeless
03. jazz juice :: move your body :: precious materials
04. source direct :: artificial barriers :: source direct recordings
05. scatta
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3 Mixes: 94-97 D&B - Liquid - Hard

I got three mixes up at the moment at http://peligra.netcity.co.uk

For your listening pleasure we have a 94-97 D&B set full of lush choons and busted beats, a liquid set for those summer nights and a harder set with a few suprises thrown in there. Wink

Set Lists are as follows:

Stelf's Birthday Set - 94-97 D&B - Woz - 2hr

Mystic Moods - Music is the Basis of All Life [Mystic Moods 007]
Octave One - Chill Out '94 [31 Recordings 001]
PFM - Language of Lov
Author: Chris Inperspective - Replies: 10 - Views: 750
New mixes availible to download from the last few Technicalites, spread the word.......
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Breakin Up Is Hard - MP3 mixes online
Time to plug me mixes.

BREAKIN UP IS HARD 2 - June 2003. Mixed by Blunt.
30MB MP3 download - 72 minute mix

1. Seba - A Wonderful World (Warm Communications)
2. Beanfield - Planetary Assault - Fauna Flash remix (Compost)
3. Pulse - Static (Hard Leaders)
4. Hidden Agenda - Kranberry Juice (Metalheadz)
5. Pieter K - Dig (Renegade Recordings)
6. Digital - Gateman (Phantom Audio)
7. Ed Rush & Nico - Torque (No U
Author: Chris Inperspective - Replies: 18 - Views: 2490
New mixes from Paradox (live), Equinox, Fracture & Neptune and Chris Inperspective now available to download from Wednesday’s Technicality. Make sure and leave your comments on them on our guestbook!!!

Also don’t forget to check out our good friend’s site, I think you’ll know who that is!!! 30 new sound clips now uploaded on there…..


Until next time…..


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