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suicide attack in moscow

just days after a train was exploded killing 40 pple in the south of russia

and we just had parliamentary elections too! neither yabloko nor sps - 2 liberal pro-reform western-type parties even made the 5% threshold!!!
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vipah - in the mix on Dynamite FM, Moscow, RU - 05/01/05
ez everyone ;]

thought i'd post this recording to give a bit of an outlook on how we do it on the national radio around these parts.


01 — 0=0 - «soul hunter testifies» [planet mu]
02 — resound - «sounds of the city» [translation]
03 — seba - «shapeshifter» [sec.ops]
04 — dj trace & tactile - «bodymove» [commercial suicide]
05 — gremlinz + stranjah + marcus visionary - «untitled» [freak]
06 — electrosoul system - «goa» (juju remix) [phuturo]
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Pix & video from blu mar ten in moscow
yeah yeah...more of this stuff. But I thought it would get geek approval cos there was bare wimminz at the club.

Story here

Full gallery here

[Image: http://www.blumarten.com/gigs/BluMarTeni...hoto12.jpg]

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C64 live on jungletrain today from Moscow!
greetings from mother russia!

tune in 15:00 - 17:00 (GMT) for some deep drum oriented DnB


streaming live on DJ Juxtapose's show 'From Russia With Love"
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moscow crew, where are you?
Right, so I got back from Japan last week, and now I've gotta start turning my attention back to Russia. Hyper I'm gunna be living in Moscow for the best part of year from September, and I was wondering if there were any subverts (Russian/Moscow locals/anyone else) who could recommend me some good places to go out in Moscow, or could recommend me some stuff to check out.

Big up the SC international massive.
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so guess what I heard in a club in Moscow last night...
Atomhead - Psytron Icon_eek

went to see this: http://janadark.livejournal.com/111372.html

Smile war sehr gut Smile
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[align=center] SATURDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2010. CLUB "VOZDUH". 23.00

[Image: http://www.smcpr.ru/pics/kosmos.gif]

----------- d e e p e l e c t r o n i c b e a t s -----------




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