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Musical Chairs.....?
Tonight at Technicality, who's up for a bit of that? Grin
Author: scart ridge - Replies: 89 - Views: 3301
i've chosen fanu as my musical arch-nemesis
aaron on DOA Wrote:fanu is the new scart ridge Teef

we now have similar patterns of internet attention,
yet radically different music and views of our so-called 'art',
shall we commence the BATTLE TO THE DEATH?
i'm always in the market for a good arch-nemesis:
you have been chosen, so what do you say?

i haven't decided what kind of duties come with being an arch-nemesis yet, i'll leave that up to the interpretation. discuss!

and yes,
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musical hype
I was thinking about it just now, why is it that a lot of people constantly have to hype or big up every new tune they like? At the end of the day even our 'best' or 'favourite' producers write tunes which are different from our taste, but why don't more people dare to write about criticism, rather than saying that eveything is ok? If you do dare to speak your mind (without hightening your own knowledge or consciousness) you end up without promos etc. It is a shame that the process of hyping is
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Whats up everyone this is one of my mixes that I was actually passing out in and around the city a little while ago ... Some of you might have it and some of you might not of heard it yet ... Please tell me your comments good or bad , enjoy the mix and also don't forget to tune into Difference In Sound Radio , Thursdays 10PM-12AM EST 3-5AM GMT at http://www.phuturefrequency.com/tunein.php ...

Soulful Musical Drum & Bass Mix-Difference In Sound Sessions One

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Your thoughts on musical convention
Having a bit of a rant on DNBA about certain mixing/production "rules".

What do you lot think.

Im Jay on that board btw.

Check it:


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Musical Influences. (what else do you listen to)
Copied from idnb....from meself...

This is always asked on these sort of sites...so rather than list stuff i've taken a more hands-on approach and put together a mix of sorts of other music i love listening too....

Its a fairly varied selection of stuff, which is fairly important i think....its better to have a wide base from which to draw influence rather than a very blinkered view of one style of music over all others....this mix does start of with a deep house track, but im hoping peopl
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Melodic vs. musical
Why do people seem to forget that there actually is a HUGE difference between those two qualities?

I've seen ppl say that many "drumwise" producers are not musical.
That is bullshit. It takes a great deal of musicality to make tunes rich in groovy break action. IF u succeed in making a tune that has just a break and a bass and it flows nicely, it IS musical.

If I speak for myself, I can admit that I have done tracks that are not melodic, but I can't admit having finished one tune
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Musical lovelies (top 100 or whatever)
Lately I've been loving:

*Esb + Union - The (famous) SC Mix
*Asc - Streamline
*Breakage - Panic Room
*Equinox - Ital Lion Tuffhead
*Equinox - Stagger
*Banaczech - Texas
*Asc - Resolution
*Ultra Violet - Hey You Glitch
*Source Direct - Snake Style (Teebee rmx)
*any piece from the Remarc Sound Murderer album
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musical instrument insurance ...
need to get my kit insured .. any recomendations of where i can get a good deal ..

just for home use not really going out for gigs or anything ..
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The musical mood thread
Kind of like the 'currently on your stereo' thread, but with more emotion and less music.

Less music because it hasn't been made yet Grin

So; what music do you feel like writing at the moment?

I feel like doing a drum-led cinema piece that keeps you awake at night.

I know that is basically all anyone has heard me do, but more recently I have been doing stuff with proper chords, and nice synth sounds, Amen blah blah.

So fuck all that, I feel like scaring your pants off. And I hav

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