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Fave Film of the Moment.
Last night i watched The Firm....classic british hooly film with Gary Oldman...loads of Suits drinking Harp and kicking off.

Reet Boh
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Welcome Lord Stirlin Of LOndonshire
ez mate,

happy birthday....was it on thursday?.

hope to see you at the next Beat Jam mate, i take it you couldnt make it down the other night.

Anyhows enjoy your stay in da forum friend.

And get yer avatar sorted!!!!
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Welcome Neptune Duke of Londinion
allo allo

welcome to you sir.

hope to see you in this parish of subversion on da regular like.

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hi peoples of earth
Hi guys! I m nu to this internet game..............please help me play! Twisted
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WE NEED....................

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FAO Sir Loris Of Crowthorne - URGENTO!!!
hello my friend......

would you like to visit SBHQ for the evening, and have a farewell feast of spicy meata balls?
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So what you all think of this then ??
do you like what i have done with my hair today ??

its new type of conditioner !!

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Best British Comedy TV Series of all time
Well, theres some gooduns!!
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People of America, the US voting system
So I read the first chapter of 'Stupid White Men' by Michael Moore last night.

The chapter is entitled 'A Very American Coup', and it goes on to describe the complete underhanded, illegal, and utterly immoral actions taken by W and his friends / family during the Elections, particularly of course in Florida.

I'm sure much of this is already well documented and well understood by most of you, (if not let me know and I'll try and post a few quotes up), but what I really want to know is - i
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the future of music
i seriously think this is the band that you need to see.


although i'm not really sure they exist....................... Boobies Smilie24sim


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