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old skool mix for y'all

01: ray keith - tapes [advance]
02: 2 bad mice - hold it down [moving shadow]
03: bizarre inc - such a feeling vinyl solution]
04: manix - special request [reinforced]
05: shut up & dance - green man (remix) [suad]
06: djs unite - djs unite vol 1 [xl]
07: lennie de ice - we r ie [ie]
08: isotonik - different strokes [ffreedom]
09: cool hand flex - pump the bass (?) [oddball]
10: jj & devious d - time of
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good old fashioned hiphop tear up!
First off, propers to those that's built the site and thanks for the invite

I am boneca of dirtburg, a six piece live hiphop outfit, two emcees, 1 DJ and...the rest, recently described as "a new tongue-in-cheek hip-hop outfit spitting about sexual exploits and the finer details of their toilet habits to a funk-laced soundtrack of slack beats and chest-fuzzing bass"

Did you ever go to a hiphop show as a kid? do you miss the hi-energy throwdowns that have been replaced with a geezer mumbling
Author: Hydraulix - Replies: 63 - Views: 3801
How old is everyone here?
I'm just trying to get a feel on the age group on this board. I would do a poll but the poll here is weird.Grin

I'm 20
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old chicago house compilations or essentials?
can anyone help me out here? i'm aware of the 'big' artists and labels, but i want more! direct me to some good stuff if you know what you're talking about.
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Old beats and sounds from 92
Dug up some old tapes last night and was driving to work this morning listening to Top Buzz @ Fantazia summertime. So many memories with those tunes........

Am I connecting with anyone here or shall i crawl back under my rock?
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Cue melodic whistling and old man slapping some bones
The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the UK in April! I'm gonna try and catch them April 16th with my boys in gangchester but I'd imagine it's a UK tour. Though the line up has changed a lot over the years, this'll still be skilliant!
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Last night I got out some old D&B records
After blowing the dust off I pulled out 14 records at random from my D&B section.....And wadayaknow.....They were ALL great.

Some I remember as great, others surprised me.

I need some help on some info, I know you guys will have the answers.

For what it is worth, these are the fourteen in order.

Anyone know what label this came out on?


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Some weird old dude.......
Just tried to give me the hard sell on doing our garden for £30. He was extremely dodgy looking and when he first approached me he said "Hello...is Mum there?" to which i replied "err what?" and he goes "I was in the neighbourhood so i thought i'd pop round to see Mum?" and i'm like "i dont know what your talking about?" the old codger replies "oh are YOU the Guvner?"

jeez.......i was well glad i had that spliff. Roll Lol
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A Question For Old Skool HipHop Heads
to settle a pub dispute...what is the break used in 'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash & his Furious Five. the (from memory) ascending then descending synth line. my colleague insists it was a creation of the session for that record alone. i (based on nothing at all but a hunch of course) insist it's a break. who is right? and if i am what is that break?

cheers, ears

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Is my old companion Video Dead?
Icon_cry Icon_cry
Just don't forget your first chunky top-loader.
Icon_cry Icon_cry
It looks like the end for my old friend the Video tape. He has been a constant companion to me.

I'm sure I will still share the rest of my life with Video tape. (Though his young son DVD will be around, Video will always be my favourite son)

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