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ATTN Brian Potter
Have you lost something?

love Den Butthead
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Dennis Potter appreciation
I am re-watching 'The Singing Detective' at the moment (and not the Hollywood film either Roll )

A singular genius. Applause
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Scientists say Harry Potter can prevent broken bones
Harry Potter may not yet be able to mend broken bones with a wave of his wand, but the pint-size wizard of book sales apparently has the power to reduce playground injuries, British scientists reported in a study published this week.

Working on a hunch, a group of trauma surgeons from Oxford's John Radcliff Hospital ran a statistical study on the correlation between the incidence of "musculoskelatal injuries" among 7-to-15 year olds and the release of new volumes
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[ROFL] Harry Potter tune on Cassetteboy album's


It was nearly midnight... Harry Potter was laying in bed.
Harry pull out his dick he looked it happilly for a few seconds noticying that it was harder thicker then usuall and growed a few inches over the years...etc etc etc etc

man...I'm dying here! Rofl
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new Harry Potter exposed
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Possibly the worst Harry Potter costume party ever?

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