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Ebay - Blame - Music Takes You (Seal Vocal Mix) Unreleased!!
This is the rare oringinal and worth every POUND!!!! Original no Bootleg business!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for looking! Grin
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Oh boy....Blame Music takes you feat. Seal / inst.
bootleg bizznizz in stock again @ redeye

I remember hearing so much about this being sold on redeye and so much blah blah blah on DOA...
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Never wear a seal hat near a polar bear
Author: hardtimes - Replies: 4 - Views: 598
I am metal: 'stamped seal of approval, my name is Beria'
Yeh, I know it's a bit random, but I've been wondering for ages if he's talking about Levrenti Beria, head of the Soviet secret police during the 50s?!?!?! The stamped seal of approval being a reference to the Soviet bureaucratic system?

Wouldn't have paid it too much thought if I weren't reading a book about Soviet state oppression when I bought this tune.

ps. damn typo
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[FREE 320] WaveCut - Broken Seal VIP
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Bear Grylls seal vest lol

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