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black hole 'sings' in b-flat
sound in general keeps getting more and more interesting ...

[Image: http://a799.g.akamai.net/3/799/388/1b27f...007906.jpg]
  "WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 —   Big black holes sing bass. One particularly monstrous black hole has probably been humming B-flat for billions of years, but at a pitch no human could hear, let alone sing, astronomers said Tuesday.  
THE INTENSITY of the sound is comparable to human speech,” said Andrew Fabian of the Institute of Astro
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Ian McKaye sings on children's TV (video inside)
ian mckaye (yes the fugazi ian mckaye) sings a song about vowels:

Falcon Hahaha
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David Copperfield flies over the Grand Canyon while Bonnie Tyler sings I Need A Hero
Yes, it's true!

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