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ive added the ability to add a tag to the front of your topic title.

just like in this title [new feature] (only admins can use this tag).

currently the only tag ive added for general use is [nsfw].

just select it from the pulldown 'add a tag to the title' when posting a message.

if you have any suggestions for common tags that you want me to consider adding, post them in here Xyxthumbs
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testing tags
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mp3 and id3v2 tags
what really bugs me are improper or even non-existent tags. i often have to pay attention to the tags when downloading a mix or tunes. if i don't correct them immediately after downloading i often have a hard time finding them again. i mean it's not difficult to add at least basic tags like artist, title, date and genre when encoding. also tags like album, track number and comment (there's space for tracklistings Smile) would be nice. where appropriate of course.
also some people seem to find it f
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New Post Tags
so, you can all now add the following tags to the front of your posts:

- nsfw (not safe for work)
- club (for any kind of real world event)
- radio (traditional or online radio show)
- release (for the announcement of a label release)

if you do create an [event] or [radio] post then make sure to put the date in the calendar section when you are posting, then it will appear in the calendar at the right time.


ps: as per this post there is also a [feature] tag - only admins
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XBOX LIVE 360 Tags <names here>

I managed to finally get on xbox live.

JEEES! & all the demos you can download. Might get Stranglehold this weekend.

Couldnt play much last night as Flatout made me a little nauseus.

Whats everyones tags?

Im very new to this shiz but looks great.

Excuse me if i sound like the mammoth from sesame street on the chat, i have the schnuffles.

Booked in a sunday afternoon session for online mayhem. hehe
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windows media player 11 and id3 tags
just upgraded to wmp11 and it seems there is no function to edit id3 tags in this version. don't see why would they do that but i cant find the option to edit the tags anywhere, anyone else had this problem or know if theres any way of sorting it tis really annoying me it was such a useful function to have.
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Atomik Tags - Bugs Ep - Datamod056 OUT NOW
Atomik Tags - Bugs Ep - Datamod056 OUT NOW (2 weeks Beatport excl.)
Supported by June Miller (Ram Records), Maztek (Renegade Hardware)

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